Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Andrew & Aimee Jo

Very often, in our individual journey, the timing of things is hard to figure out.
Perfect timing can set our hearts to soaring. It is accompanied by a feeling that says “someone is looking out for me!”
Timing that isn’t so perfect…can leave us feeling inconvenienced, frustrated and…even mistreated.

Waiting is not an easy thing to do.

When waiting on things…One can begin to spend energy and time seeking a path … out of the waiting.
Sometimes, though, our journey is meant to go through the waiting.

Some friends of ours have been playing the waiting game recently.
Waiting on support. Waiting on final plans. Waiting on committees and church decisions.
Waiting to get pregnant.
Amidst all that anticipation and biding time…
These dear folks have faithfully walked the road through...

Support is gathering.

An overseeing church is secured.

A baby is on the way!!! (Praise Jesus!)

Aimee Jo and Andrew, we are so proud of you and your choices. So thankful, you have committed to walking through the struggles…not choosing to run away or quit.

That perseverance you’ve been practicing will serve you well, friends.

I know the neighborhood your moving too. ☺

We thank God for walking the journey with you. For enabling and encouraging…just when you need it…in just the right way (are those TWO lines on that stick?!?!?!)

He has not forgotten. And He always hears.

He has reminded me again of His unending Faithfulness through your waiting, your hope and the joyous announcements of the last few months.

We love you!

When God finally lands you in this place…we’ll be waiting ☺

(Andrew and Aimee Jo Martin will be overseen by the Vancouver church of Christ in Vancouver, Washington. They plan to move to Ft Portal in November of 2007. Their expected little one is due in August. Your prayers for Aimee Jo and that sweet baby, for their fundraising in these next months, for the relationship with Vancouver church and for God’s continuing work here…are greatly appreciated.)

(PS Happy Birthday Aimee Jo!)


Patty said...

It is indeed a privelege to walk alongside this couple as the support gathers and the momentum builds. I look forward to an even greater connection to your work. (And as liasons, we'll have to come for a visit, won't we?)

Aimee Jo said...

Thank you for the tribute! I miss you very much and think of you often. Soon and very soon we will be together, in your "neck of the woods" and it will be so enriching to finally do ministry along-side of you and not across miles and miles.
A big thanks to you & Jeff for counseling us as we go through this process.

Destiny said...

Andrew & Aimee Jo, we are so excited for your soon arrival (it will come quicker then you think). And we are praying for all the preperations at hand and those scattered over the next few months. We love you three and look forward to being neighbors :)
Love, Destiny

KMiV said...

That is great. We have been praying for them and will keep them on our Thursday mission prayers. I know that you and Jeff will be glad to have them in Ft. Portal.

Andrew & Aimee said...


Thank you for your kind words and your prayers. We look forward to being with you too. Send our greetings to the church in Fort Portal.

God bless