Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Goodbye...For Now...

When having babies on this continent, we chose to face the delivery in larger cities, with hospitals and capable doctors. After our daughter’s birth, we had to wait nearly 6 weeks, before we could return back to our home. It was a long wait. We were thrilled beyond words, the day we loaded our own truck and headed back to our own house. Because she was a newborn, we opted to drive the paved road, which was much longer, instead of inflicting the bone jarring experience of the unpaved road on her tiny little person.
We called ahead to find a place to stay for one night on the way. Nick and Renee agreed to keep us.
Nick and Renee were a part of a new mission point. They were in their first year on the field. They had an 8 month old son.
That one night stay was a memorable blessing for me. I found in Renee an instant connection. There were things I needed to talk about. Renee started every conversation for me. She dove right in. She listened as I debriefed my labor. Shared her own story. Gave me helpful hints on nursing. Passed on some infant toys. And loaded a HUGE box full of spaghetti sauce, instant meal mixes, koolaid and muffin mixes to send with me.

Did I mention, she made me laugh? ☺

I so badly needed the sister hood Renee offered. I was on the eve of The Moment. The official moment when I become the Mommy. All the support systems and adopted "aunties" were behind us. Daddy would go back to work. And it would be just me and that tiny little being. And I would be in charge. Gulp. I knew it was coming and that evening with Renee, encouraged my heart. I might not get it all right. But I wasn't alone. And that message resonated in me for those first months of learning about the world of Mommying.
Through the years that have followed she and I have given birth three more times each. We were always pregnant together.
We weren’t able to be together very often…but our conversations began with Renee’s direct approach and very honest sharing. It’s a quality in her I have admired and encouraged. I appreciate a woman who can speak her mind. Especially when she is also funny!

Through the years, the gatherings I’ve attended with Renee have been brought to life with her energy, hilarity and openness. She loves people, loves a party and can very easily shock the living daylights out of you with her straightforward and hilarious way. ☺

She is equally straightforward about her struggles. And God’s victories in her life.

I’m proud of you Renee. And so thankful for the moments of sisterhood we’ve had.

I’ll miss you. Especially when I want to start a conversation and can’t quite figure out how to word to the question.

Bless you as you go—may your next year have many great moments with your families, amazing shopping sprees at Target and a party when you need one!


Anonymous said...

My heart aches for you as you say another good-bye...for now. I am thankful for the blessing that your friendship with Renee has been in your life!

By the way, I'm dying to see your new blog look!!!

KMiV said...

We will keep her in prayer this year. We also pray for you every Thursday morning.

laura said...

What an amazing God that we serve... who knows when we need to have a face to face friend that we can share with, unload with, and grow with! I'm praising God for Renee and the blessing that she has been to you... and that I know you have been to her as well. And even though you may not live next door (because that's what I'm getting from your post) it's still the knowing she's there, on the same continent, somewhat :) accessible that makes it so hard to say good-bye. You both will be in our prayers as you transition to a new chapter of your friendship and for her... life.

Kim Hodges said...

Oh, they are sweet people! I was good friends in high school with Nick's youngest sister, Hannah.

Sandi said...

I have loved the times that I have been around Renee, too. Her sister, Rochelle, was one of my closest friends in college, and Nick's sister, Karie, was a close friend growing up. They have always been close to my heart although I haven't spent tons of time around them.

May God give your heart joy in Renee's friendship and comfort in her leaving.