Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That's "Share-Oh" to You

In all my years of hanging out with the short crowd, no child has ever learned to say my name first. I love my name...but it's combination of "r" and 'l" sounds leave little learners struggling.

Even in Uganda, where "r" and "l" sounds are easily interchanged and confused, many grownups can't pronounce my name. I am often referred to as "Sharon" or just "Che...."

Enter scene: The Brilliant Jotham. (cue trumpets...)

Jotham learned my name very early in his word repetoire! He has said my name and Silas' name before any other of our family member's names. Which secures his place forever in my heart! (You had a pretty solid hold there, Jotham, before you ever learned to speak!)

He calls me "Share-oh" and I'm grinning just writing that.

Jotham, we love you, man! Thanks for bringing such joy and laughter to our lives!


Destiny said...

Well isn't he just one of the cutest boys ever! The pictures you took came out did the blog!

KMiV said...

Boy those boys are cute. I know you are very proud. Cheryl is a tough name to pronounce although I like Share Oh better.

The Gearharts said...

You have a gift Share-oh, a gift for God.... I almost erased 'for' God and put 'from' God, but I realized it is for God and his glory, and it is from God. I rejoice for you and your daughter. What a blessing to see your children wanting to follow God, and your stories are so heart touching, and humorous at times. And Hurray for Jotham! I pray one you blessings and protection. You are a most amazing woman.

Steve Maxwell said...

I am going to ask Jonah to say your name and see what he says then I will come back here and comment again so you know. That is so cute. Thanks Cheryl.