Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prayers on the Bathroom Floor

Some months ago, on the floor of Destiny's bathroom, I asked God for this moment.

Destiny was struggling through the excruciating pain of a kidney infection that had started pre term labor. I did as any stable, supportive friend would do...I sat on the floor and cried with her.

And I prayed. I asked God to protect and save the life she carried in her womb. We asked God to make little Audrey move and live and thrive.

There are no emergency rooms in Ft Portal. No 911 services. When medical emergencies arise, the only place to go is to your knees. The Great Physician hears us, each and every time. But, we never know with our limited understanding what sovereign choice He will make.

On that overwhelming day last December, God stopped the contracting and carried Destiny through the sickness. In a grace filled moment, Audrey started moving in the womb again.

And just a few days ago, on April 10, Audrey arrived into this world.

Safe and healthy.

Glory to God!

Precious Audrey, may your heart submit to Your Creator. And may your spirit THRIVE in the joy of His every gift to you! When I look at you (and your brother,for that matter!) I am reminded of His Faithfulness and His Healing Mercies. You are a testimony. Even now.

Congratulations friends! Your lives and faith proclaim the Goodness of our God! We love you.


(Many thanks to Gramma Kyle for sharing these pictures with me!)


Matt Tibbles said...

I love to hear and see the words of your prayers! They encourage so much. Thank you for opening your heart to God.

They probably don't remember me, but tell them congratulations!

david santos said...

Hello, Cheryl!
Excellent posting. Thank you.
Have a nice day

Destiny said...

Oh Cheryl...thank you for this wonderful post. You really do have a gift of putting thoughts into words. This post was a blessing. I think I might print it and put it in Audrey's scrapbook. What a great reminder of God's goodness and healing power towards us.

Brian Pannell said...

WOW! Cheryl this was so beautiful...I cried as I read it! Please congratulate her and Doug!