Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We dreamed of this moment for many reasons.

First this:

Then this:

Then this:

Our missionary community in Uganda is a blessing to us. As we share meals made from scratch and wade through struggles in a foreign place together we often dream of what it would be like to grab a quick meal at a fast food restaurant or shop in an American store!

We were so thrilled to meet up with the Calhoon family (from our Uganda missionary community) in Sacramento for a few days and enjoy some of the amenities of the US. We delighted in our first In&Out burgers, shopped at REI (but of course!) and relaxed with Destiny's family on a Sunday afternoon.

We also held that new baby as much as possible!!!

We loved being able to see our friends and connect in person for a brief visit before going our separate ways again. Many thanks to their family for graciously sharing their last day together with us.
We parted, with prayers for safe travels and hopes of seeing them soon on the flip side, at home again in Uganda.

Next on the Cash Family agenda...

Destroy the agenda.

No schedule. No plan. Just our family. Our kids. Some laughing. Some games. Some fun. Hopefully some rest.

The responsibilities of Home Ministry Assignment were right around the corner. But we had a few breaths to take first.


Procters said...

Thanks for the pictures...It is 11:07 pm and now I am CRAVING a cheeseburger!! Seriously! Oh, well...Love you!

Destiny said...

The post made me cry- of course-. Audrey has changed so much. I can't wait to get updated pictures of her in your arms! Miss you guys!

Jan Redelsperger said...

In and Out is always a priority on our "to do list" while visiting our kids in Rancho Cordova. Although I do get that privilege about twice a year and not just every two years, it made my mouth water and anticipation increase. Seeing those pictures reminded me of my upcoming trip. Our 6th grandhild is due 2 1/2 weeks and we will be headed that way. Yippiee! Blessings

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

I've so enjoyed reading your thoughts - and can echo many of them having just gotten back to Bolivia a few days ago. Just wish we could've connected... I guess that's what heaven's for. Enjoy the rest of your time there - and I hope you can carve out some more times for just rest.

Matt Tibbles said...

You make me laugh! How are the Calhoun's doing?

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I stumbled across your site. I am an overseas worker also- in Asia- and boy, do some of your pictures look like heaven on earth! Enjoy the western food and that baby!

The Harris Family said...

Cash Family!
We live about 30 minutes outside of Sacramento and would love to meet up with you if you are still around. Jeff was in my AIM class! Let us know.

ddouglass said...

Jeff and I were childhood buds, running around Central, getting in the kind of trouble kids that age should. Now your kids are that age - vengeance is His, right? Mine have outgrown that by a few years, but the avenging continues! I moved away from Portland after 2nd grade and regrettably just didn't stay in touch. We share His blood, though, and reading about your family has been inspiring.
Thanks, I needed that!
PS (I thought I posted earlier; did I hit the wrong button or something?)