Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I don't really understand it.

It's not normal, actually.

And its regularity astounds me.

At first, I eyed it with suspicion.

I analyzed it and pondered it's implications.

I investigated agendas and motives.

And...then...I cautiously accepted it.

Hesitantly...on my guard.

Overwhelmed by the obvious authenicity...unsure of its reality.

But now...I'll openly confess....

I've come to depend on it.

Lean on it.

Need it.

Miss it desperately when we are gone.

Our Glenwood church family.

Their love. Their support.

The gazillion hugs and smiles.

The gazillion offers to help...

Food, invitations, gifts....


Precious Glenwood,

Your interest and passion for our friends in Uganda amazes me. Your abounding love for me, Jeff and our kids bolls me over.

I don't know how we ever did this without you.

You are, over and over again, God's sustaining embrace on our family.

Love each other. Passionately. And never, never quit.

I need you now. His work through you continues to hold me up and press me on.

...to the goal...for the prize...

I'm exceedingly grateful to run this race with you.

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Lori Ann said...

I am sooo happy for you to have this feeling. It is hard when you have a passion for something or a group of people and others can't or won't even try to grasp it.
We are excited to meet our partnering church in a week. We hope we can honor them and God like the Cash family has with Glenwood.
Take care Cheryl, you are always in my prayers.