Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Gifts of Christmas

How long can I play Christmas music without driving everyone crazy? :-)

The days immediately after Christmas are always a little bit sad. The days preceding Christmas are so busy with preparations and plans that they fly by in a blur. Christmas day arrives with great joy and celebration...and then the next morning... Reality. PIles of dishes. More toys to sort. And the ready knowledge that our families in America DID have the holiday without us, again.

As I worked my way through the dishes yesterday morning, I cried a little. Jim Brinkman played in the background. My Christmas lights twinkled merrily. And my heart was full to bursting.

Full of thanks....for our children and their joy; for the friends who shared the Christmas meal with us: the laughter, the sweet fellowship, the brotherhood; for family memories and tradititons from childhood that bless me even now; for Jesus...

Full of that certain feeling you get when the time has been REALLY good, but now its over.
And you feel such LOVE for friends and family...but you can't quite reach them because they don't live down the street.
And your thankful for the memories made for your children...but your so tired you can hardly stand :-).

Contrasts that bring such bittersweet pain...

Contrasts that make the sweet...sweeter.

The feelings...more deep.

My Christmas music will play for awhile longer. My "revelry" is not yet complete. The memories, the magic, the traditions, the joy....they are what Christmas gives to me. And I'm not quite finished enjoying those gifts.


Anonymous said...

You said it perfectly! After our first Christmas here... miles away from friends and family, I felt every word and feeling in your thoughts. Thank you for reminding me that we are not alone in this experience, and that as Nathan grows up I will be able to make memories for him here, not the same as they would be there... but still sweet.

Anonymous said...

We hope and pray you had a great Christmas. We prayed for you all yesterday.

I have a hard time letting go of Christmas. It is my favorite time of year and I hate putting everything away. I wish it could go on a few more weeks.