Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There is a telling trail through my home today.

One narrow path through piles of wet, muddy clothes, sleeping bags, pillows,
ice chests and boxes with leftover food awaiting attention.

We had the privilege of hosting our Quarterly Meeting for the church of Christ missionaries in Uganda.

We camped out at Camp Saaka for three nights.

It was a great success. We all enjoyed visiting, going for walks, singing and laughing.

We survived heavy rain (thanks to Jeff and Dick and their tin roof shelters …all the tents stayed dry!)

We celebrated Mark and Jamie’s upcoming wedding.

We continued walking the path of grief with the Jinja team who we welcomed back after their sudden trip to the States.

We sat and stared at God’s creation around us.

We watched our kids make many, many memories.

Community is so important.

I am thankful for my fellow soldiers on this field.

We need each other and depend on each other. Through the victories, the “everyday”, the celebrations, the mire of pain and loss…

…and a campout. Which we survived well…But I somehow aged a whole year in the midst of it ☺….


KMiV said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Community is great--God, Jesus, and the Spirit are community. I guess if its good enough for God, its good enough for us!

We were glad to hear that Mark and Jamie were getting married. Actually, we hadn't heard about Jamie but look forward to meeting her.

Steve Maxwell said...

Oh to have been there! The strength of community is realized so differently in Africa - at least that was my experience at Faith Quest Uganda. It is people in heart, mind, and soul in worship to our wonderful, merciful, Savior. Thank you for your participation in the Lord's Army in Africa. I look forward to the next time I am sent to your front for fellowship and work. God bless you all.

Jill Moudy said...

Cheryl - As always, I love to read your blog. You ever thought about writing a book? You have a great way of communicating what life there is life - takes me back every time! Love you guys! Jill

Ben said...

Ok, I'm just smelling camp saka. The sound of the generator, the hugs and smiles of beautiful friends. I'm thinking of the "chocolate no-bake" cookies that I was shocked to find in the bush--but was delighted to devour! I'm thinking of trying pointlessly for Jeff & I to rally a clap on the "2 & 4" beat rather than the "1 & 3" beat!!! I also miss the missionary dancing--I wasn't prepared for laughing so hard!