Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Box People

On our last furlough, we had safely arrived in Tyler, TX and were worshipping with our supporting church for the first time on our visit. During the worship time, we were welcomed and asked to stand.
Isaac, then four years old, asked, “Mom, how do all these people know us?”
Alex, the more informed 6 year old replied, “Isaac, these are the Box People!"
Isaac, then smiled knowingly, "These people love us!”

About 5 years ago, God brought us to a Church and made it our home. Glenwood. We love them so. They pray for us faithfully. They welcome us warmly when we return for a visit. They generously loan us cars, open their homes, and fill our tummies with Tex Mex like there is no tomorrow! They eagerly listen to our reports and surround us with verbal blessing and exhortation. They support us financially. And they send us
huge boxes full of yummy treats, easy meals, worship music, good books, toys and many other treasures when we are back on the field. They have stolen our hearts.

We get boxes often. Each Bible Class will take a month, collect money and purchase goodies. The treasures are boxed and mailed. And eagerly awaited on our end…

Every time I go to town and return home, Isaac asks, “Did you get a box today?!?!”

The celebration when I say “Yes!” is explosive!!!

The dining table is cleared, scissors are found and the family gathers around with much fanfare.

The box is opened with shouts of “Can you see anything yet?”
“I wonder what they sent this time?!?!”
And of course, “WE LOVE GLENWOOD!”

We lift out each item one by one and exclaim. It is now our tradition and we can’t do it any other way.

Jeff: “Macaroni and Cheese”
Children: “YAY!!!!!!” (hear claps and whistles)
Jeff: “Brownie Mix”
Children:gasping “oooooooooo!!!”
Jeff: “Velveeta Cheese”
Children: “awwwwww!”
Jeff: “M&M’s”
Children: “Give them to Mommy!” (what darling cherubs!)

Out come cars for Isaac: (thanks R.R. !!)

Out come the bag of Tootsie Rolls: (thanks Ms. Tootsie!!)

Pickle relish: (we got them Trisha!)

Arts and crafts for Kinley...

The joy overwhelms us.

You see, we can’t pick those things up at our market. And while we have learned how to make and prepare treats that keep us fed and blessed in this place…

Those packets of treasure remind us of home and a fellowship of Christians whose embrace holds us and sustains us… over and over again.

The items you see pictured arrived recently during a season of trudging. With handfuls of M&M’s and the smell of fresh brownies baking…reprieve found us… What a quickening in our step…

Thank you Glenwood! God multiplies your treats and fills our hearts to overflowing!

We love you!


Lynn said...

Hey there, I love the new look. When I "clicked" in I was surprised. Good job. Makes me want to make changes on ours. Love, Dad

Kim Hodges said...

We love you, too!

Destiny said...

YAY for the new look! I love it- and you didn't have to wait 6 months for it!! You did it yourself!! Of course I love the color, one of my favs! Maybe this is the color I should choose for my bedroom walls??? :)

Love you!!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

Yeah for awsome supporting churches! I'm so glad you guys are so blessed with Glenwood. And I love the "new look".

Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Cheryl,

Please let us know what we can bring when we come over. I remember, I love Oregon and will always do so, but now I live in Texas so if there is anything you need from Texas that can't be retrieved in the NW, just e-mail me and I will do my best to bring what I can. God bless you guys.

jim coffey said...

Cheryl, this was such a way cool post. The blog and the photo's really make it fun. I love your tradition of taking one thing at a time and loving it.

p.s. Mojo football's doing pretty well these days. If they go to state do you want us to video and post it on UTUBE?