Monday, January 14, 2008


Sometimes this homemaking thing runs me over like a truck.

In my head, I have lovely visions of schedules and systems and progress...

But more often than not, I find my self feeling flattened underneath all the undone.

And so we have today.

My task for this morning was to clean our bedroom. I announced it to the children. I set up a video to entertain them. I didn't even take time to shower. Straight to the task.

And then...

There were just a few remaining breakfast dishes to complete. I quickly washed them praising Aimee Jo in my head for tackling the pile earlier and knocking a huge dent in the never ending stack.

After that short task was accomplished, the "entertained" kiddos were already back in the kitchen feigning hunger nigh unto death. I can't remember what I offered them. But I'm pretty sure they weren't happy with it. In the process of filling their cavernous tummies, I realized I hadn't eaten yet today.

I sat to eat my breakfast quickly, only to be overwhelmed by the dust and mess covering Jeff's desk. I decided that I would quickly dust his desk, which also turned into dismantling a plastic table and pulling up the dirty table cloth from the dining table. Actions that are logical counterparts to "dusting Jeff's desk."

I quickly turned to the table linen cabinet to find a fresh tablecloth. This, of course, led to emptying the linen cabinet and sorting placemats.

Naturally, that meant redoing the entire set up of the buffet so that the linen arrangement there would match the linen arrangement on the table.

I think this is a sickness.

Just as I was officially headed down the hall to the bedroom, I heard a crash. Baxter, the pooch, had knocked off a glass bowl of maple syrup that unnamed child left within doggy reach in the living room. Don't even get me started on the hard and fast "don't eat in the living room rule". I didn't have time to ponder because there were now shards of glass all over the floor. Sticky with maple syrup.

Sweeping, mopping and carefully scouring the floor took the better part of the next hour...since the sweeping, mopping and scouring also involved locating the matching candles for the redecorated dining table.

Lunchtime was upon us and that would require a quick trip to town. I ran and bought the things I needed and came home to yummy eggsalad sandwiches (thanks Aimee Jo!) and nap wrangling.
After four books (two of which I paraphrased like a mad woman) the youngest were down for a nap. The older offspring were off on a backpack adventure in our yard.

I wish I could say I tackled my initial project with gusto. But, the Colts were playing on ESPN and that required my full attention, for about 20 minutes. At which point I realized the three year old had been drawing a road map on his body with a marker instead of napping. I washed and wrangled some more.

Over the next few hours, I intermitently passed between my bedroom and his. He needed reminding of who was in charge. I, apparently, needed to walk 20 miles back and forth down our hallway.

My bedroom was still untouched. And my children were again starving.

I headed back into the fray of food prep and bath time. Interspersed with sweeping my bedroom floor and emptying trash. After four hundred thousand rounds (or so)of "Silas, do not touch Baxter again." Accompanied by a rousing rendition of "You may not have chocolate and ice cream for dinner"...we had children fed, washed, prayed over and tucked in.

I now sit before the computer amazed that the third load of laundry for the day is in process, no one sliced their toes on shards of glass from this morning's incident, and the Chargers beat the Colts. The dinner dishes are also done. And Anaiah's coos are coming from the swing.

Many good things were accomplished today. Including tidying my bedroom (finally).

So, why is it that all I can think about is the monstrous mess in my pantry. The huge pile of ironing. The toy sorting that the boys' room desperately needs. The cookies I intended to bake and didn't. Unsuccessful discipline techniques for my three year old and my new puppy...

These ponderings leave me feeling flattened. I need to pull myself off the pavement and count my blessings. Rest in the moment. Take a shower. :-)

We made it through the day. And the fresh table linens look splendid.

May your day be blessed in the joy of accomplishing even one small thing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comic relief Cheryl! My day are often very similar to yours....especially the kids always hungry part! Blessings to you!

Lori Ann said...

well, atleast your table matches, that is what is important. ;-)
I have been TRYING (most important word)to potty train a almost 3 year old, I think I will clean the floors tomorrow!

Procters said...

Oh, how so similar our lives are even half way across the world from each other. I have been pondering a blog that sounds very much like this one for a while now. I will just link to you and say a big AMEN!!! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, Jana and I are trying to get back in touch with you and Jeff. It is embarrassing, but we don't have either your current e-mail address or phone number. Could you write back to us at We want to invite you to visit us in Kigali.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Oh how similar we are! Thank you for helping me laugh at myself. Sometimes these days I take the messes too seriously.........We are blessed to have a house full of laughter and continual messes, clean up and more messes...that is real life with kids and a dog!!
love you!

dawnette said...

Why do we focus so hard on the things undone and not the accomplishments? Thanks for the reminder to focus on our successes.

Glenn said...

Isn't it wonderful that the Lord can help us accomplish things that we didn't even plan to do?

KMiV said...

Now you know how people with ADD feel!

kristi w said...

I'm so with you, my dear. I think the Lord had me at Metro this last Sunday just so I could hear Brian's sermon on "celebrating the small victories". Since then, when I have followed through with discipline, done a load of dishes, exercised - even one day, I whisper to myself, celebrate the victory. Just for a moment I breathe in the accomplishment and feel good. For a few years now, I have often reminded myself, and passed on to others, the advice of a wise woman (that'd be you) - if you get ONE THING done in a day, you have been successful. Sometimes that is all that keeps me sane. Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Your comments bring back memories of my own children when they were small and even further back babysitting you and Reese. Trying to accomplish anything related to cleaning and deal with children and homeschool some days are mutually exclusive.
DD Fowler (formerly Carlotta Freeman)

Kim Hodges said...

It's so good to know I'm not the only one who has days like these ... a lot of days like these. :)