Monday, July 14, 2008

More Thanks

61. Time to "get away from it all".
62. Johnny Rockets chocolate milkshakes
63. Cool water on a hot day
64. Airconditioning
65. Organized taxi systems
66. Chinese take out
67. Naps
68. Mom and Dad waiting at the airport
69. The safe ending of a long flight
70. Blue bell ice cream
71. Blue bell ice cream
72. Blue bell ice cream :-)
73. Shopping with my Mom and my daughter
74. My boys trailing after Papa
75. My dad laughing with my boys
76. A whole night's sleep
77. Someone else making breakfast for me
78. A really good pair of jeans
79. The perfect pair of shoes
80. Playing Apples to Apples with our kiddos


Anonymous said...

You know my house is just 45 minutes from the bluebell factory. Would that convince you to come to Houston and see me?
Love you-Amy

Agueda said...

Cheryl!! Where are you guys!?!?!?!

Jennifer said...


Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing your love, your wisdom, and the blessings that you see.
Thank you also for sharing your struggles. I am always comforted, always more at peace when I read you words. I ache for you, for the frustration, the betrayals, the desperation you feel at times. But I am strengthened by your determined search for God, and I know He will always be there for you. I pray for you constantly. I hope this furlough is full of rich, rich blessings!
Greet your family for me, and if you "pass through" Searcy (since it's on the way to so many places!) look me up!

Cheryl said...

Dearest Amy, "convincing me" to see you is never the problem friend!!! Bluebell or no bluebell I would love some time with you---

Agueda--we are in the States. I have your number. When I get a second or two I'll try to call.

Jennifer--thank you for your prayers and love. We miss you on the flip side. What a treasure you are...