Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Raindrops on Roses..."

The Cashlings. J'adore. 

My Starbucks Thermal Coffee Press. Imperative and delightful. 

The cup I use is a very important component to my  'Coffee Experience' every day. Currently these are my two favorites. My Mom gave me the striped one. I bought the black and white one in Kampala.

The Icing of the Christmas Cookies. Wouldn't be Christmas without this!

This is on the cabinet in my kitchen. Love the picture of my cowboys. Love the Texas boot. Love the picture of the ENORMOUS Christmas tree compliments of the Galleria in Houston. Merry Christmas Y'all!

The Generator.
 I. Love. The. Generator.
 Christmas lights, the blender, television/movies, Wii games and the charging of batteries are all made possible by this wonderful machine! 

Gingerbread! Yummy!

Kali (kawlee). She is exuberant, feisty and LOVES attention.

Simba. He is somber, easy going and very loving. A wise old soul. 

Baxter. He loves me and I love him. 

One of my favorite pictures of all time. My Mam-ma and Granddaddy. I miss them.

Mam-ma and me. Some years ago :) I feel loved when I look at this picture.

Kinley, Peace and a Christmas Tree cake :) These girls have known each other all their lives. 

Joy, indeed! This picture of my niece (and all the stories of her escapades that it brings to mind) reminds me to have fun!

Our Santa collection. Jeff's Mom has given us most of these and the Santa/Mrs. Santa mugs are reminiscent of the Cash family egg nog mugs Jeff remembers every year. We miss you, Cash family!!! 

:) This little treat is a rare find. Dairy products (cheese, sour cream, cream cheese etc) are either not available, not affordable or not tasty in Uganda. This product (from South Africa) tastes just like American sour cream. Delightful! We danced a happy dance in the Kampala supermarket when we saw it on the shelf. 

A bag of white sugar! 

Because our sugar (on the right) isn't white. This doesn't matter much until you want to make Christmas candy. We were so happy to find white sugar in our store in Fort Portal! A Christmas miracle! (The Cashlings keep tasting the white sugar because they can't believe it isn't salt.) 

My man. Bring me some mistletoe! 

These are a few of my favorite things!!!! 


Anne said...

What a joyful list!!! Merry Christmas!!

Jim Coffey said...

Excellent list.

Jim Coffey said...

excellent !

Doug and Debbie Crawford said...

Enjoyed seeing your many Christmas blessings!