Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Best for Me

Two times to the hospital before I cooperated.
She never told me how much it hurt.
How tiresome and frustrated…
Just the joy was retold. The best for me.

 I cried. I fussed. Colic.
She walked. She cried. Dad walked. They tried.
New formula. This. That.
I got better. The best for me.

Bows in my hair. Songs in my chair.
Celebration over every next step.
Mamma and Grandaddy. Granny and Papa.
The best for me.

Hobbs, then Odessa.
Grandparents just down the street.
A sister!
The best for me.

Life full. Time fast.
Memories. Speed past…

School, a job, church, my Dad.
Parties, sponsor, teacher.
Stitches, friends, slumber parties, movies.
Hair styles, clothes, shopping.
Talks. Boys. Dates. Driving.
College. Heartbreak. Decisions. Marriage.
A missionary.
Africa. Africa?
Passports. Visits. Grandchildren. Furlough.
Packages. Reunions. Plans.

Always. Still.

She wants the best for me.

This inherent gift. Born with conception. Instilled in her from her own Grace. A love so deep it sacrifices and gives. And multiplies.

I made her a mom.
And so did He.
The very best for me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Thank you. For everything.


Sherilyn said...

Thank you, Cheryl. You have always been a beautiful blessing in my life. I love you. Mom

Lana Ewing said...

what a beautiful tribute from and to two lovely ladies that I have never met but know I would love if I ever did! Thanks for the encouragement, and the sharing. It is a beautiful picture of what we are to do to others, share the love that Christ has instilled in us! Have a beautiful wonderful best ever Mother's Day. Hugs from Michigan

Anne said...

Precious :)