Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Love Story by Cheryl Money Cash

Once Upon a Time

--I met a guy who was crazy passionate about living in Africa
--I found this mildly intriguing in an amusing sort of way
--when he asked for my number, I gave him the wrong one
--I did not hear from him for the rest of the year

Twice Upon a Time

--I saw the Africa guy from a distance and waved
--I dated other guys
--I wrote about the Africa guy in my journal
--one entry read: “Pray for Jeff Cash—money situation”

Twice Upon a Time Squared

--I traveled the West Coast over Christmas break and had the name “Jeff Cash” said to me (with glowing description to follow) on four different occasions in four different cities
--the last occurrence was in the home of his first cousin (hey Barb!) who showed me family pictures and said Jeff’s mom (hey Phyllis!) wanted to send a care package back to Texas with us if I would take it

Once Upon a Time

--it snowed and I didn’t meet Jeff’s Mom because she was ‘stuck on their mountain’
--I pondered what kind of life these interesting Northwesterners lived that they could actually employ the phrases, “I couldn’t make it. I was stuck on my mountain.”
--I wondered if I would ever hear from Jeff Cash again so I could tell him that I met his cousin

Thrice Upon a Time (or so)

--Jeff ventured to the University I attended to try and locate me
--I prayed for this Africa guy whose name would not leave my head (I figured it was the ‘Cash’ name that resonated)
--I thought about Africa and missions, intrigued and terrified

Once Upon a Time

--I happened to be at my apartment in the middle of the day
--at the exact same moment across town, Jeff ran into a mutual friend of ours who dialed my correct phone number so Jeff could leave me a message
--I answered the phone
--Jeff offered to show me pictures of Africa and tell me about his time there

Once Upon a Time

--we met and talked for hours
--he worked hard to recruit me to join an Africa team
--his ‘recruiting’ may have eventually involved roses, teddy bears and some kissing
--he was one heck of a recruiter

Once Upon a Time

--I got married and moved to Africa

And we lived….

Diligently. Laboriously. Passionately. Lovingly. Strenuously. Blessedly. Uncomfortably. Peacefully. Combatant-ly.  Hilariously. Adoringly. Thankfully.

Happily Ever After.


Andrew Mulimira Lwere said...

Amazing story. Life. Adventure. This. Missionary. Life! I can hear it many times but every time it sounds like I'm hearing it for the first time. It is a blessing to know your family.

Debbie Eakman said...

It's wonderful to look back and see God's hand working in our lives and look forward in anticipation of what he is going to do next! May He bless you with many more years together serving him!

Jim Coffey said...

wow, just wow. Ya'll are both amazingly blessed to have each other.

p.s. do you still say ya'll?