Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We keep a list of names.

People and families with pressing needs.

We think of them all through the day and speak their names in our family prayers at night.

We honor this process so much.

Every name on our list is a testimony.

Every story a witness.

*Papa  He really didn’t want the surgery. He chose to simply handle the back pain and the other issues that accompanied. But ultimately, the effects and pain intensified motivating steps toward a more definitive solution. Surgery was scheduled.

Papa chose later over sooner in all of this, but Sooner would have it’s day.

*The surgery finished Sooner than expected.
*My parents went home from the hospital Sooner than was projected.
*Papa’s healing progressed Sooner than we dared hope.
*Papa was released Sooner from the doctors care because of advanced healing.

He is now back brace free, and walking with a smile.

Our hearts SOAR with joy over the provision we see in the healing of my Daddy.

*Three dear families from our Stateside homes mark the respective anniversaries of devastating loss. Sons and a daughter are with Jesus, and the practicalities of grief make daily footfalls heavy.

They all walk with such dignity, authenticity and hope.

And yet.

The difficulty of Goodbye pervades and persists.

*Travis Travis is a family practice doctor who serves with his family and team in a town several hours west of us in Uganda. They were on a short home leave, when medical tests revealed cancer. A young man (37 yrs) with no family history of cancer, the news was completely unexpected. Their family faced an abrupt change of plans and immediately settled into surgery and treatment schedules.

Twelve arduous chemo treatments later we prayed much concerning the CT scan that would determine the next steps.

With overwhelming joy we received news that the scan was clear!

Cancer Free.

*Our brother, our dear friend, was taken into emergency surgery several years ago. He has struggled with the same illness every day since. We have prayed. Asked.

We have beseeched.

He and his family have endured arduous treatments and much struggle.

They serve in their calling, in the midst of it. Faithful. Hurting. Diligent.

We all wait together still, longing for healing and relief.

*Lauren, Kimberly, Kasidy, Joanna, Jamie  Expectant mothers welcoming babies all within several weeks of each other.

Eli, Carson, Jesiah, Kamryn,Brumley and Harper Tiny little arrivals proclaiming big the mercy and wonder of New Life.

We have delighted over pictures and long to hold these adorable bundles of blessing. We are grateful for the health of each child and the safety of their Moms.

We celebrate confident in God’s plan and purpose for each of their lives.

*Three dearly esteemed sisters battling cancer, betrayal and heartbreak respectively. Each carrying burden from this broken world while loving their children and seeking their Lord.

God loves us and shows His power in wellness.
God loves us and chooses to be with us, in the need, a little while longer.

God loves us.

And this Love is Loud.

We gather the visible answers and we embrace the ongoing struggles and we fix our eyes.

Surrounded by such a cloud of Noisy Witness, we meet around a Thanksgiving Table, grateful in all these circumstances.

Marking answers in Thanksgiving while fully engaged in the God With Us miracle.

In the hope.

In the struggle.

There He Is.

We see Him.

And we are filled.

“Therefore, since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us…”

“…Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith…”

“…consider Him…so that you won’t grow weary and lose heart.”

Hebrews 12: 1-3 (HCSB)

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