Saturday, May 07, 2016

Remember When by Kinley Cash

today's post by Kinley Cash

Remember when you had a dream
Remember when it wasn't what it seemed

Remember when you met a man
Remember when he introduced your heart to a far-away land

Remember when you thought you knew
Remember when God called you

Remember when Home was far away
Remember how different that is today

Remember when you had a dear little dream
Remember that first heartbeat

Remember when one became two
Remember when our everything was you

Remember when two became three 
Three times the fun. "Another blessing."

Remember when three became four
A Mommy forever. A Mama of four.

Remember when we never knew how
Remember you know everything, then and now

Remember when I wanted to know
Remember when you told me so

Remember when I was lonely and sad
Remember when I was happy and glad

Remember every fun movie/game night
Remember those frustrated fights

Remember the laughter
Remember the tears
Remember when you prayed away my fears

Remember the smiles
Remember the fuss
Remember the stories of each of us

Remember the competition
Remember the teasing
Remember the sand castle we couldn't think of eating

Remember the goofy voices 
Remember the stains
Remember the joy filled crazy days

Remember when this life made us who we are
Remember how our dreams take us far

Remember how you told us that that is okay
Remember how you cry anyway

We will remember your love wherever we go.
And you must remember that we love you so!

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Cathy Sampson said...

Wow, Kinley, great writing and such fun it must be for your mom to see the reminders of your younger years. Your love for your mom and family shines as a beacon.