Monday, August 15, 2005

Greetings to all of you in the blog world! I join you with a bit of fear and trepidation...the technology of the internet moves around far beyond my East Africa home. Every once in a while, though, despite constant power outages, computer glitches and the endearing/excruciating cry of "Mommy"---I am actually brought into this cyber world. Wow!
My name is Cheryl Cash and tonight from my home in Ft Portal, Uganda my husband has Gently Led me into this great Blog Land. I have been led to many new and interesting places in the last ten years as a missionary wife...from villages to motherhood to homeschool teacher and more. I'd love to share this journey with when I have a minute...I'll post my thoughts.


Sherilyn said...

Cheryl, I'm glad you're blogging. We have enjoyed Jeff's and now we can view your world through your eyes. I love you. Mom

kristi w said...

You go girl! You know you are one of my heroes, so I look forward to reading all of your pearls of wisdom. :-)

Lori Ann said...

Yea Cheryl,
Blogs are so much fun, welcome.
Lori Clark

rebecca marie said...

welcome! i'm an old friend of your husband, he knows me as becky holden, but i'm becky berg now. we met a few years (four or so?) back in the basement of eastside cofc. i'm so happy you're here!

Lynn said...

Hey Cheryl,
Looking over my shoulder are Karen and John Haagensen, Tommy, Pat, Cherise and Mom and they all say hey. They are glad to see your blog. The wedding is over and it was great. We are having a blast. Also looking a while ago were the Waldrops, Rascoes and Cades from Tyler. We love you.