Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Family


Family. I have been a part of amazing family all my life. On my Dad's side I was grandchild number 12. I loved visiting Granny and Grandpa. Granny always made me fudge (REALLY,REALLY GOOD FUDGE!) and Grandpa had the silliest songs he'd sing for us. At Granny and Grandpa's there was always red beans, always a domino game being played and always lots of laughing and hugs.
On Mom's side, I was grandchild number ONE! Aha--a placement I love and adore. First. :-) My baby sister and my three cousins lovingly point out any time we are together that I have four picture books at Mamma's and Granddaddy's house while their pictures together fill only two or three! I think I usually respond with love and maturity, "Too bad, so sad!"
I love Mamma and Granddaddy's house. To date, it is my favorite place on this earth. I grew up in their home. Learned the expertise of gin rummy and Boggle at their kitchen bar. And I have eaten more pie and ice cream (and cheesy squash!) around their table than I am happy to admit. Mamma and Granddaddy are two of the most influential people in my life. You see, they thought I was wonderful. And told me so. Everybody needs that in their life. I'm so thankful I had it in abundance with Mamma and Granddaddy.
I love holidays at their house when Uncle Tommy, Aunt Pat and the boys come. We laugh alot, play alot of games and eat alot of good food. I love my cousins. I'm proud of them. They are amazing young men.
Why all the family reminiscing you ask? Well, this last weekend, my Mom's side of the family was all together. Cousin number four, aka Jeffrey Todd, became a husband. He is married to a wonderful lady, named Rebecca. They will minister together to a very blessed youth group in Austin.
And I feel sad because I couldn't get there.
Living on the other side of the ocean is a life we have chosen. It is one I love. But there are parts of it that bring alot of pain. Missing family times is one of those.
So, I cry a little. Pray alot. And then just give thanks. The only reason it is sad at all is because I love all of my family so much. And because they are so great to be with.
So, Congratulations Jeff and Rebecca! I love you! If you are ever on this side of the ocean, stop by. We'll play some games and eat some food. And it will be great---because it always is.

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Lynn said...

Cheryl, you made me cry. I know you find that hard to believe:-)We really did miss you. I plan to post some picts on my blog. We love you.