Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dreaming Big Has a Price

History of Saaka Land Part 1

When we first moved to Ft Portal, Jeff loved to jump in the Hi-lux pick-up and head off in a new direction. He would drive awhile, then get out and hike. He would meet people, discover new paths and new roads. And always, ALWAYS come home with a story.

One day, he returned a bit early, very excited. “Cheryl, there is a crater lake about 20 minutes down this road! It is gorgeous!!! And there is this peninsula of land jutting out into it. What an amazing campsite that would be!!! Can you imagine….?”

A long oratory would follow on all the blessings and possibilities of owning land.

I heard his dreams. Admired his enthusiasm. And settled my thoughts on the logistics. Lawyers. Money. Land disputes. Clearing. Developing.

At the time, our finances were in a precarious position. We danced a delicate dance every month. Working expenses dipped deeply into our personal money…and left us with fun decisions at the end of every month…”Meat for dinner? Or electricity?” ☺ The dream of buying land sounded, to me, impossible.

But, I kept this to myself. Mouth closed. Smiling. Nodding away to the exuberant plans my husband seemed to feed on.

The Sunday following Jeff’s discovery of the land, found him and me parked on the side of a dirt road, facing the serene, crater lake. We were gazing at the land and taking communion together. Our prayers were of thankfulness for Jesus. And for God’s dreams and plans to become ours…

I returned to the States for my sisters wedding after 6 months in Ft Portal. My absence left Jeff alone and seeking new friends. His time exploring led him to two new acquaintances.
The first was a carpenter. His father was selling a large piece of land. Did Jeff want to go and see it? But of course. Much to Jeff’s amazement, his new friend took him to the very peninsula we had sat and gazed at just a few weeks before. Hmmm….
The price was much too high. But Jeff was curious as to how this had all come about.

A few weeks later, Jeff made another Anglican priest. Who was very excited about Jeff’s dreams and plans. The priest ended their conversation by saying…”You need some land. And I know just the piece for you.” Jeff began to get an inkling of God’s directing as the priest drove him straight to the already viewed peninsula.

Now, we were sure we were being led there. But how to pay? After much negotiation we got the price cut in half. Funding came through in a miraculous way. And the land was purchased.

Dreaming big has a price. For me it was my logistical sense. I had to lay it aside for the moment. Focus on the dream. Not get lost in the mire of details. God was obviously moving us in this direction. To what end…I did not fully understand. The step in front of us had been clearly illuminated. And my husband, with no hesitation, stepped boldly into that light.

The next step? We waited on the Light to guide the way.

“…Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.”John 14:27


Anonymous said...

i love that story. I too am married to a big dreamer and learned the hard way that details and logistics matter little to the dream and it becoming a reality.

I'm not sure if you know but one of his biggest dreams is to come and visit ft portal. After aimee jo and andrew went they asked us to consider going. since that time we have had two daughters so my mind and time has been occupied with other ventures. I love reading your blog and hearing stories of africa from aimee, andrew, billy, brenda, steve, ike and natalie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the telling of this story Cheryl. I was messing around on-line this Monday morning as we go through a second ice-storm here in the DFW Metroplex, and I had a longing to see something "Ugandan". So I googled Darla Bennett which took me to the Kampala churches website. From there I just looked at pictures and read through some of the African praise songs and took myself back to a place to be touched again by what God is doing there in that little piece of Africa. I said all that to say that, I am honored to hear this story as it fits in "The Story" and thanks for the encourage. I hope to one day come to Africa with the "Dreamer of Sarah". Sarah and Adam Wolfgang are incredible people and love God, so I love them. Take care Cheryl.