Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a Snazzy New Do!

Check it out guys! Finally, after a long design journey I found Lara and she made my blog beautiful! I love the design and hope you do to.

Thanks Lara! I loved working with you and appreciate your persistence even through the midst of a hurricane.

Blessings everyone!

(To see Lara's other work and check out her site click on her button in my side bar.)


Sherilyn said...

Looks good!! I love the simplicity of it. Classy, just like you!

Cathy said...

It does look good, but at first I thought I had the wrong blog. I really enjoy reading everything you write and look forward to seeing all new!!! I'm so glad you're here in Tyler and sure hope we get a chance to visit a little bit while you're here.

FaithQuest said...

Pretty! It's so fun to redecorate.

Jana said...

I love it, Cheryl.

The new look is just another expression of your faith, and it is a beautiful one.

Looking forward to more stories.

Love you,
P.S. Ty Hayes is a student in one of my classes this semester. I reminisced about you with him yesterday. What a great kid!

Heather said...

I love the new design.! Heather Kirk

Destiny said...

Love the new look! sorry you had to wait so long for it. but it was well worth the wait! Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!!