Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marking This Moment

I will not write about politics here. I'm sure I do not know enough. And even more than that, I'm sure someone would get mad.

The discussion of politics can raise ire and great passion in many.

But, I do have something to say about America.

A new President was sworn in today. Reports said over one million people stood and sat within sight of the event. Security was tight. The pomp and ceremony full of tradition and pride.

But I am most amazed by that stage. The people on it.

Behind and beside President Obama sit men and women who have battled it out and publicly stated their disdain and oppostition to the man taking the oath. Democrat and Republican sharing a huge moment in history. The outgoing President applauds the newly sworn in President's speech. Opposing sides sit side by side with no shouts or fights. Only acceptance and resolve.

Over the last weeks, the outgoing President and his wife have welcomed and opened the Nation's Home to the incoming President and his family.

Meetings and discussions are reported in the last months between two men from different sides of the political spectrum. Our President, leaving office, publicly states his congratulations and assistance to our President entering office.

After the ceremony today, President and First Lady Obama, escort President Bush and Laura Bush to the helicopter. They hug and shake hands. They exchange smiles, jokes and comments.

No guns. No death.


It is a moment we should mark. We should notice. We should celebrate.

This is not the norm for all the world. Not the world I live in here.

I am proud of this facet of My America.

The peaceful hand over of power has dignity and integrity.

And those are two things I can embrace and stand behind.

My deepest gratitude to President and Mrs Bush and their family. The decisions of two terms and their consequences have been heavy for you. I appreciate your service and your strength. May God hold you, renew you and fill you with purpose in these days of great transition.

And my prayers to President and Mrs. Obama. Over and above the issues, tasks, promises and decisions that await you tomorrow I pray for your family as you enter what many forget is an office of Service. And Sacrifice. Not just Power. May El Shaddai be a guiding presence in your lives privately and in the decisions of your office. We will not quit beseeching Him on your behalf and on behalf of a country I love and honor more deeply everyday.

Over a year ago, Jeanene Reese shared a phrase she read in a magazine concerning success in marriage. The phrase was, "When in conflict, move as one."

This phrase has intrigued me and inspired many deep thoughts.

The directive is difficult. But it suggests esteeming a higher calling over the unresolved issue in front of opposing sides.

A higher calling such as unity. Integrity. Something greater than ourselves. A bigger picture.

Our standing together, especially in disagreement, is still strong.

Simply because we are standing together.

I applaud that today.

God bless America.


megat said...

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Campbell Family said...

Amen, Cheryl. You have given voice to some of my own thoughts and feelings on this historic day. I wish more Americans could appreciate the peaceful transfer of power that we witnessed today, because it is NOT the norm in most of the rest of the world! Maybe it takes living overseas for awhile to see that. -- Laura

Jim Coffey said...

Wow. As usual your words are fantastic.

Destiny said...

First off, as always, I love the post. It made me laugh though, because when President Bush and Mrs.Bush were getting into the helicopter, Doug and I had some of the same thoughts and convesation that you wrote about! Love you!

KMiV said...

Amen, it is exciting to see this.

Trisha said...

Oh, friend! It's 12:28 am and I'm just now discovering your treasure of new writings here! Just like a good book, I'm going to save the joy for tomorrow! But I love the anticipation of knowing I get to hear from you then. (I did sneak a peek at your thoughts on the inauguration.) I am amazed at this too. It is a blessing to be part of such unity in conflict. Profound quote that I will think about more...tomorrow!

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

In our history, America has always had a peaceful transition of authority. People say, "God bless America." He has.

Susan said...

Cheryl,very wise words. Some of your same thoughts occurred to me on 1/20. You stated them very eloquently.

Our "adopted son" Serge, from Rwanda has never experienced that kind of peaceful transition in political power. He has survived genocide in his country and is now experiencing love and freedom from fear of that horror while living in America.

Please give our love to Jeff and your family.

Emily said...

What a wonderfully stated post. Thank you for writing it!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

I haven't caught up with your blog in a while and so enjoyed reading your last posts.

Jana said...

Right on Cheryl! Very wise words! Blessings!