Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Honoring the Miracle--Conclusion

March 20.

After a long night of intermittent labor and an early morning of excruciating work…

One little girl changed our world forever.

The cord was wrapped around her neck and tied into a knot. The doctor worked quickly and expertly cut the cord, loosening its hold on our baby’s airway. She took gasping breaths, while the rest of the delivery room held theirs. Her pinking up and loud wails brought cheers and tears all around.

Our doctor, glanced at Jeff to say, “You have one lucky girl here.”

Jeff replied, “Blessed, Dr Patel. She is blessed.”

Once Kinley started to wail she didn’t stop. She was in the baby warmer being checked over by a pediatrician while Jeff held my hand and we offered prayers of more gratitude than I had ever felt. The doctor asked Jeff to come and comfort our baby girl, until I was able to take her.

Jeff walked near to the baby warmer and leaned in close, Kinley’s wails filled the room. Jeff said, “Kinley, honey. It’s Daddy.”

Her cries immediately stopped, and her head turned towards his voice.

My big strong hubby broke into tears, looked at me and said, “She knows me!” And, my friends, that was that. She had his heart. Forever and for always.

I could not stop looking at her. Could. Not. Stop.

I watched her chest rise and fall. Rise and fall. Rise and fall.

I put my ear to her chest to hear the thumping of her heart.


I’ve been given many things from my Lord. Many things.

But those early days of motherhood, with the memory of sickness and fever in the recent past, were some of my most grateful days ever.

Why did He do this for me?

She turned eleven last week. She has a passion for God that is astounding to me. She loves people. She loves her family. She is a terrific artist.

Our days are full of school and cooking together and hearing her dreams and plans. We’ve painted her room pink and blue and stenciled and picked out curtains. We’ve taped her ballet classes and enjoyed sleepovers and movie nights. We have lively discussions about fashion and what she can (or can’t) wear. We’ve heard her confess Christ as Lord and seen her be baptized. We’ve pierced her ears and cut her hair.

We’ve lived.

But I always know in my mother’s heart. She is His. His.

He decided to let me know her on this earth. I may never understand all the reasons why.

I drink in the fear of those early months. The desperate prayers. The understanding that at any point it could have gone the other way. The knowledge that for many it does.

I swallow all of that and let it refine and remind me of Him.

My Kinley does that. Testifies to Him. Without saying a word.

I love you my girl. God sent you here for a purpose. Never stray from His side. He loves you more than I do. And, sweet girl, that is saying a lot.

Thank you Jesus.


Jason and Nicole said...

Cheryl -- you don't know me...I am a friend of Laura (Stephens) Campbell and occassionally stop by your blog because I am always interested to hear about your work and life in Africa. I am glad I caught this wonderful miracle! Thank you for sharing. It touched my heart...I have an infant daughter and another one on the way. You have encouraged me.

Jason and Nicole said...

...and Julie, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for sharing Kinley's story. I can't even tell you how much your words pierce my heart. Thank you, thank you.

beckyreeves said...

Beautiful, Cheryl! I've just read the last 3 entries and have cried tears of praise with you. God was so merciful to you and I'm so thankful for His incredible grace towards you! You are so very wise and perfected by God's truths and have allowed Him to use much trial to grow you deep in faith. I look forward to meeting Kinley one day and I praise God for preserving her life in a way that is such a testimony of His beautiful providence. Thank you for sharing your/her/God's (and all those that will be blessed through her)'s story

Procters said...

At Mom's and Dad's this week-end, I got out their picture books of Kinley and Bryson. As I looked at Kinley's precious baby pictures, I was filled with many memories and alot of emotion. First of all, the resemblance between Presley and Kinley is amazing in some of the pictures. (kind of sounds like a couple of other kids, huh!) Also, I remembered how very much I love that sweet baby Kinley and how much I love her now. Being the "first" she was my JOY. Oh, how I loved that baby in those first months of furlough! I will never forget the first time I held her. Now as I hold my precious baby girl, I long for YOU to hold her, too. I thank God for the precious design of our family. The "first" and the "last" with so much joy, laughter and love in the middle...our sweet boys. God is good!

laura said...

You honor your children in so many ways... may Kinley grow to be a woman after God's own heart... modeled by her precious mother!

Campbell Family said...

Cheryl -- thank you for sharing this story. There were many details that I did not know. I am always so encouraged by what you write, but this story was especially touching as I wait for the imminent arrival of our second son. Love you -- Laura

Kori said...

Cheryl - I started reading your blog a while back in an attempt to keep tabs on Andrew and Aimee, but I am so touched by your thoughts and stories. Thanks so much for sharing. Your heart and committment are encouraging. I had no idea how trying and scary your first pregnancy was...all I can say is that this story is heart warming and amazing!

VickiTexas said...

Cheryl, I again thank you for sharing this wonderful, inspiring story! Anytime you write, your readers are blessed, and I praise God for that!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

I'm so glad you told this story - I'm sure it brought you to tears many times writing it - it made me tear up several times reading it... God is good! And Kinley is a miracle :) You are an amazing woman - and I know Kinley will be too... raised by such wonderful parents.

Cathy said...

As always I read your blog and end up with tears of hope and joy! You and your family are an inspiration to me. Only a couple more weeks before we will once again be experiencing the miracle of birth in our household...Shelly's little boy is due soon and we are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. In Jesus. Colleen Busch

Joy said...

Cheryl, I just want to thank you for being there for my kids and grandchildren. I am blessed when I read your stories. You continue to touch my heart.

brit said...

Hi Cheryl, we don't know each other, but i ran across your blog through missionaryblogs. i'm an actor pursuing my MFA degree in the states. the Lord has led me to write a one woman show, stringing together stories from the mission field. i wanted to talk to you about the possibility of including one of your stories. if you are interested and willing, please contact me, my e-mail is britney_shae@yahoo.com. thank you for your time!
- brit cooper robinson