Friday, June 12, 2009

Prayer Cover

UpdateKevin regained conciousness Friday evening and is sustaining breathing on his own. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for his complete healing.

Will you pray for our friends today?

Kevin and JD are friends who served as missionaries in Bundibugyo for over a decade. They founded a secondary school. Their four children are the ages of ours.

They relocated to the US last year and recently announced Kevin's new teaching job at a wonderful school in the Northeast.

Yesterday, Kevin collapsed while on a jog with their oldest son. JD found him with no pulse or breathing.

He was revived and is currently in very critical condition.

Please pray for Kevin, JD, Joe, Louisa, Savannah and Nate.

Father, please hold these, Your dear ones, tight. Please heal Kevin, for Your Glory. Thank you for the medical care that was near him and for restarting his heart. Please comfort Joe and JD through the trauma they have faced. Hold them all through the trauma they continue to walk through. Please pull your Body, your Church around them to help them function and thrive through these days. Thank you for hearing us. In Jesus, Amen


Cathy said...

Yes, of course, prayer is always available. Dear Lord, I don't know this family but "you" do and I know that you will hold them in the palm of your loving hand and care for all of them. If it be your will, please bring healing and comfort. I know that you have a plan for them.

Cathy said...

Thank you most loving Father for being the great healer. Please continue to be with this family and hold them close.