Monday, August 27, 2012

On Women and Valor

Her name was Rebecca and I have been given the honor of sharing a part of her story over here

Please join me as Rachel Held Evans hosts a week of essays honoring valor in the hearts and lives of women. 

I'm thankful to be a part of honoring the courage of amazing sisters. 

Come join us! 

Eshet chayil!


Cathy Fischer said...

This is so beautiful, Cheryl. After reading it, I ventured over to your blog. Thank you for your honesty and candor--it's refreshing. Blessings on the work you and your family do every day!

Cathy Fischer said...

I posted a few minutes ago, but got interrupted mid-stream. What I wanted to say was that the gentleness of Jesus' yoke was my anchor this weekend, one of emotional tumult over past wounds. Not only did your blogs' title mirror my need, your blog did too.