Monday, September 17, 2012


Communing in the sacred space of grief is tender and soul affecting.
This poem by Shawn Brown speaks artistically poignant to the experience of grief. I am thankful for Shawn's heart and his willingness for me to share his writing here. 
Be blessed-

at a deep silent lake of grief

3 adult children sit on a low dock

dangling their feet in the water

it is dark and the dark is cold and clear

though a grey mist is forming

a fog that becomes more dense with distance

no way to make sense of the vague shapelessness there

a man stands waist deep in the utterly still water

hands at his sides

shoulders drooping

also seeking somewhere to focus his eyes

the stars have been coming out

one by one and in groups

to shine their light on the people

so many that it is remarkable

reflecting off the smooth lake

steady through the ripples

everyone is grateful for their light

and there are others at the shore

on the dock

toes in the water

arms open

children splashing lightly

playing around their legs

feeling the weight of the water

quietly understanding what their age allows

someone skips a stone

and all wonder when it will stop skipping

slide into the silent water and fall to the bottom

all the while the ripples spread, more stars come out, the stillness grows

no one tries to deny that soon they will be completely submerged

and that when they emerge

the water of that lake will never completely dry from their skin

and that they will return to the lake

often at first and always for the rest of their lives

and though grief is lonely

they will never be alone in their remembering

the ripples of this life will never stop spreading

(Shawn’s mother-in-law, Laura Reppart, is currently undergoing radiation treatments for a brain tumor. For prayer news and updates on the Reppart family you can go here. To see more of Shawn’s writings please visit his blog Circumstantially Wonderful .)

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