Saturday, September 22, 2012


Jeff began to feel badly Wednesday night. We had worked through an emotionally exhausting day of counseling with those we love here. We wondered if his weariness was tied to the day’s events. But in the early dark, his discomfort turned an ugly corner and became severe. We both suspected malaria. (Jeff has had malaria seven times; I have had it four.)

After a sleepless night for both of us, we decided to use a malaria self test but the results were inconclusive. We tried a second test with much prayer that God would give us a clear answer. He did. The test was definitively positive. We began treatment immediately.

We are so thankful for the convenience of the malaria self tests. We were able to diagnose and treat from the comfort of our own bedroom, instead of facing a difficult clinic experience in town.

For those who are interested in specifics, malaria is spread through the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito. Mosquitoes bite an infected person then transfer the illness when they bite the next person. Malaria manifests in a cyclical fever. Your fever raises, then drops (producing chills), then levels before raising again. Through each cycle one maintains a very unique brand of headache and joint and body aches. Malaria is mean and it hurts in a very distinct way.

Malaria is common in this land. Many people suffer with it every day.

Malaria can be deadly if not treated. You don’t ever want to wait malaria out. When you know you have it, treatment should begin immediately.

We are blessed to have access to education, information and medicines to help our bodies fight this sickness. We are overwhelmingly grateful for our Lord, the Healer, who is at work on our behalf even before we know the disease is coursing in our blood.

Please pray for: 
*the meds to remove the parasites from Jeff’s body
*Jeff’s energy and strength to renew miraculously and quickly; malaria leaves a body anemic and weak
*wisdom as we prepare for furlough departure—so much to be done but with one player out we need clarity to choose where to put our limited energy
*Cheryl’s health to remain strong
 *the Cashlings to be well

We are so very thankful for: 
*the ability to buy medication
*medical professionals who research and study sicknesses like malaria so that the disease can be treated
*our home to convalesce in
 *every single prayer and pray-er who labors on behalf of our family 


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for about a year now, i am praying for your husband. For a quick and total recovery. God Bless

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