Friday, October 21, 2005


Bushara Island Camp. A beautiful, peaceful, serene setting...overflowing with life in the form of the Cash family for four days! Located in the southernmost part of Uganda, very near the Rwanda border. I had never traveled that far south before...what a beautiful place it is. Rolling hills, cool climate, gorgeous views. Delightful.

We walked, read, played cards, played frisbee, had a campfire, played on the playground...the kids had so much fun...we all agree it is a place we hope to visit again.

(all pictures by Jeff Cash)
Snack break!

View from our cabin

Boat ride to the island!

Girl time...

Blessings and joy...


kristi w said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a nice time together.

Lori Ann said...

sounds like a great place to relax.

Jamye said...

Cheryl, Here is a blast from the past.....Remember me? My maiden name is Antwine!

Your family is beautiful! You are doing Awesome work for the Lord over there!

Here's my blog(had to make one after finding yours and your dad's)

I am a homeschool mom too.

Lynn said...

Cheryl, we must visit the place the next time we are in Africa. I see the comment from Jamye Whitehorn. I've been on her blog. I love this stuff. I love those kids I see pictures of. Makes me want to squeeze them. Went to get Cason at his school, then Bryson to take to therapy. Bryson always has a snack and drink to consume on the way to therapy. He usually works up a burp then says 'scuse me very much. Today, Cason faked a burp, said "Papa I burp!" I said "What do you say?" He said "'scuse me bery much!" Love you all!

Greg said...

Sounds like a great time and a great place, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing! We love you all!

Sherilyn said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to "escape" for awhile. This looks and sounds like a wonderful retreat setting. Is it near Kagera National Park? I'm sure there's was LOTS of activity going on while you were there. :-) I look forward to maybe visiting the island with you someday. Hugs to everyone......Love, Mom

phyllis said...

What a beautiful place to relax. Maybe we can go there next time we're in the neighborhood! Those grandkids sure are cute!
Hi, sweet ones! Love, Grammy