Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Do You Know?

--the childhood games I played and names I gave my dolls?
--the things that make my Mom smile?
--the things that IRRITATE my Mom?
--the feel of my Mom's and Dad's hugs?
--my Dad's favorite hymn?
--all the words to "Preacher and the Bear"?
--how Mam-ma sounded when she sang in church?
--all the contents of Mam-ma's purse? (Certs in the center)
--the smell of Granddaddy when he comes in from the shop?
--the FEARFUL noise of lawnmowers starting?
--funny details of family trips--Brownwood, SixFlags, Disneyland and Hollywood, Nashville.
--how it feels to be the youth minister's kid?
--the smell of Mom's stew on a cold West Texas fall day?
--the sheer delight of shouting MOJO with an amazing community supporting kids in a really FUN game every Friday night?
--the camp friends who shaped and shared our Faith every summer for years?
--where the painted Santa Clause and Elves figures go on the coffee table?
--when to decorate the Christmas Tree? (Thanksgiving Weekend.)
--when to open Christmas presents? (Christmas Eve of course!)
--what irritates me?(horny toads, locusts, breathing outside my door..."Moooommmmm, please make her move!")
--every hairstyle I've had: the good, the bad and (ugh!) the ugly!
--all the words to "Sound of Music", "Karate Kid" and "Annie"?
--the history of Monahans High School class of '65?
--what made Granny laugh? (you!)

Cherise Knows. She is my sister.
And while there are many things she does know...I wonder sometimes if she knows

--how much I miss her every single day!
--how Target runs with her on furlough are my FAVORITE THING!!!
--how proud I am of her faith and the beautiful way she lives it.
--how proud I am of her mothering--her dauntless (okay, sometimes daunted:-) way of tackling the issues and continuing on to make good lives for her boys
--how cool I think she is!
--how beautiful she is!
--how blessed Wade, Bryson and Cason are to have her in their lives?
--how often she makes me laugh?
--how much I depend on her friendship?
--how very much I love her?

Happy Birthday Cherise! I think you are the greatest. I'm so glad you are in my life. I just wanted you to know.

Who do you love today? Do they know?


kristi w said...

Happy Birthday, Cherise!!

Lynn said...

Oh Shoot Cheryl, you made me cry.

Jim Coffey said...

--the smell of Mom's stew on a cold West Texas fall day?


--the sheer delight of shouting MOJO with an amazing community supporting kids in a really FUN game every Friday night?


How totally amazingly cool it is for my youth minister's little girl to be a real live missionary in Africa and be able to send her notes?

That John Coffey and Cherise Money used to pretend to be married (age 4 or so).

That I'm a much better 42 player than all of ya'll.

That I hosted Sandi Peak in my home and it was way cool that she knew you and Jeff.

That I use ya'll in my sunday school lessons sometime. I stayed in your house in 1990 for my 10 year reunion - I asked your dad what he thought about his baby girl going to Africa. He said as a dad it was tearing at his heart, but as a minister he couldn't think of a more noble occupation.

That I'm starting to cry as I remember this story so I'm going to stop now.

Love lots
See ya later - probably in Heaven.

Jim Coffey

Lynn said...

Did you know that every since I was in the 4th grade and someone would ask me who my hero was, I would say "my sister"? Did you know that is still my answer today? I love you and miss you. Thank you so much for the special message. Reese

P.S. Do you know what my favorite belt buckle is?

Jim Coffey said...

We're trying to set up a round the clock prayer team for a junior high retreat. Would you guys like to participate? It will be way cool to tell the kids that we have people in Uganda praying for them while they are sleeping (or supposed to be sleeping that is).
Oct 20-23 central time zone.
If ya'll want to sign up for time slots during your day ... 8am for you is midnight for us. My email is Let me know which 1-hour slots you can fill and the names of the people who are praying at that time. I'll put it on the big poster that will be hanging at the retreat cabin. Feel free to forward to people in other time zones as well.