Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pebbles and Stones

Several years ago, Jeff and I watched the Focus on the Family video series filmed in Israel. It was a great series, but one of the lessons I remember most was about Standing Stones.
At many of the major happenings in the Israelites travels and wanderings, they would be instructed to take up stones and set them "there". These stones served as reminders so that those forgetful Israelites would be reminded of the Rock. A memorial that "God did something amazing here."
They were instructed to tell their children and their children's children so that each generation would remember the MOMENTS when a Heavenly King interevened on behalf of a worldly people.

I love this. The MARKING of an occasion. What a great idea. (God has alot of those!)

So, here I am at an occasion. Ten Years in Uganda. And I have spent many minutes over the last days looking at pictures, reading old journals and remembering our wanderings these last years.

Two things amaze me.
First, the unbelievable number of Stones in this journey. The breathtaking, exhillirating moments when I can say "God moved here." I cannot believe that He allows my weak eyes to see it. I do not deserve such an outpouring. And yet, He delights in revealing Himself.

The second thing that amazes me, is how often my eyes are diverted by the pebbles in the path. The distractions. The hassles. The problems. My own struggles. My sin. Before I realize it, I am engrossed in the pebbles at my feet and complaining about the ones that are in my shoes and I completely miss the Stones. God forgive me.

Today, I want you to see some of our Stones. This is not an exhaustive list. If you want that, come and see us. We will wander around with you here and tell you more stories---show you more Stones.

But for now, praise God with us over these unbelievable outpourings of Him. His goodness and His mercy on a weak and sinful people. He is Good.

DSC_0041 (2)
Ronald and Dick
DSC_0032 (2)
David Kabiito teaching the children on Sunday morning
DSC_0013 (2)
Silas and Isaac
Fort Portal Town Church
Cash 10 year Rwenzori view dinner
Fellowship with Christian Missionaries
IMG_0266 (2)
Andrew and AimeeJo

May God grant you many Stone Sightings today and may your pebbles be few!


Trisha said...

My eyes are welled up with tears as I read. For one, you write so beautifully! I do hope you will write a book someday! (Maybe this blog is a beginning!) But mostly because you have reminded me again of the goodness of our God--in your life and in mine. And of how easily I get distracted by the pebbles. I'm thankful He has allowed you to spend some time remembering. It's one of the best gifts He gives, I think.

We love you! We are proud of how God is using you. We hold you up in prayer, my friend!

kristi w said...

You have allowed yourself to be used in amazing ways by the Lord in these last ten years in Uganda, Cheryl. We are so thankful that you are a part of our family!

Glenn said...

Cheryl, you have no idea how proud I am to have you as a daughter-in-law. [You are right up there among the 3 finalists.] God has used you as a wife, mother, and missionary in wonderful ways. Thousands, including my grandchildren and people you never will know of, will spend eternity with God because of you. You certainly have left visible piles of rocks to remind all of us of God's victories. Even the pebbles which distract us can remind us of our own self-centeredness and encourage us to get back on the smooth highway. Enough pebbles, mixed with the cement or asphalt of God, can make the pavment for the road to heaven. We just have to use them the way God intended.

sherilyn said...

Wow! Those are more like mountains than stones! Beautiful!
I love you!

phyllis said...

Ten years in Uganda! Wow, so many milestones in your lives, and all a result of your faith and willing spirit to walk with Him.

We thank God for allowing you to be in Jeff's life, having four wonderful children, and raising the standard on what a daughter-in-law can be. We love to read your thoughts, Cheryl. They are great.