Friday, January 20, 2006


The smell of engine oil. The feel of his hand as he held mine when we prayed before meals (I sat to his left--always.) Plain yellow cake. (Mamma said it is his favorite) Pick up trucks. Ice Cream. Repaired Barbie Dolls. Dukes of Hazard. The address file under the phone. The Lake House. Trips to Baskin Robbins. Lawn mowers. Bags of goodies from the Oil Show. Nutter Butters.

Gentleness. Honesty. Hard work. Family.

Happy Birthday Granddaddy. My love and admiration for you are from depths that are hard to articulate. You make me feel treasured. And adored. Usually without even saying anything. Which is your gift to our world. Quiet strength. Be sure, we all depend on it.

In this big scary world, I've always been confident...there is a quiet, steadfast man on my side who really can fix anything.
I love you.


Cherise said...

...Strike it Rich, orange sherbert, bologna and cheese sandwiches without the bread, eating vienna sausages and crackers on the boat, "grandpappy's boots on", getting anything we wanted, the quick breath before "amen"....

Deana Nall said...

Cheryl -- Your dad emailed my dad and I've finally figured out that you're Lynn Money's daughter. I have a vague memory of playing at your house when I was very young. A Snow White toy refrigerator comes to mind. I'm sure we could share YMK war stories!

P.S. Is your name really Cheryl Money Cash??