Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dare I Say It?

Shhhhh....Listen very carefully, because I am whispering.

Something wonderful happened today. And I don't want it to go away...

Child #3, went all day without a diaper...and...lean in so you can accidents.

I am using an effective parenting method that I have perfected through these 7 years of mommy-ing...Bribery.

Pee in the Hershey's kiss.
Poo in the potty...two Hershey's kisses.

Nevermind the bouncing off the walls...nevermind the other children begging for their chocolate...nevermind the blatant disregard for highly educated, morally fortified, honorable parenting systems...

I have resorted to the Real World of Parenting...AKA...Whatever works :-)

And for today...Hershey's and me...we worked.

Please don't say this outloud. I don't want anything to burst our happy, little, victory bubble.
But feel free to pass around some silent high fives!



Dawnette said...

We silently cheer with you over your sweet success!

Jim Coffey said...

Rest assured, your parenting technique is not only effective it is scriptural.

"Do unto others"

Rewards work.
Actions have consequences.

As long as you are consistent in your system of rewards and punishments you'll most likely have great results.

- Jim (father of 5) Coffey

p.s. The other scripture reference that might apply is "turn the other cheek." Butt, that's probably best left for others to explore. [grin]

kristi w said...

Woohoo! Our way of potty training is probably repulsive and/or frightening to most (as it should be). We find that the kids do best in making their way to the potty if they are naked - very, very few accidents. So, for a little while in life, each kid joyfully gets to live life at home free from cumbersome attire. Crazy, I know - but you do what you have to!

Lori Ann said...

Way to go! I am right there with you!
Hunter is on a candy high!
I am strictly a "whatever works kinda gal"

Deana Nall said...

Oh -- I'm all about bribery. That's how our oldest got potty trained and quit sucking her thumb.

My dad filled me in on more Money family history and I've learned that your dad was the YM at Taylor St. in Hobbs right before my dad. That means we must have lived in the same house on Highland St. I was 3 and 4 when we lived there.

Rusty and Laura said...

Cheryl -- We are not parents (yet), but I have to say that I would resort to bribery when potty training and not feel a smidgen of remorse about it. I will also probably be the kind of mother to "help" my children sleep on those long and dreadful international flights. (I have heard that Dramamine and Benedryl are useful in this regard.) Like you said, whatever works (and saves your sanity). Love -- Laura

Sherilyn said...

That's great! Yeah, Isaac!! In the parenting classes I teach, we refer to the candy technique as "positive reinforcement". That term comes with far less guilt attached to it than "bribery" does. Whatever works. Give Isaac (and all the others) hugs from Nana. Let me know if you need me to ship you more candy kisses and M & M's?!

Rusty and Laura said...

Well, I won't find out for a little while, but I would imagine that what the bible says about it is a pretty sound principle:

It's always better to give, than to recieve.

Trisha said...

Candy, toys, whatever it takes. I do put potty training in the category of skill mastery, and even the Ezzos say rewards are okay for that!

Hooray! Hooray for Isaac! But what will Glenwood use for packing material in the future?

Cathy S. said...

Hey, I'm all for it, just make sure you have plenty of chocolate on hand for awhile. I agree with Kristi...we were stationed in Australia for a couple of years and that's how "everyone" there does the potty clothes. It's very effective. And, of course, chocolate "NEVER" hurts.

Steve Maxwell said...

Not there yet, but thanks for the tip. I would say there is about a 100% chance we will at least try that. Thanks Cheryl. God bless.