Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Some of you smiled when you read the title. You are my soul mates. Shoes are good. Buying new ones, unbelievable.

We've been in the States for 4 1/2 weeks. I have purchased 11 pairs of shoes.

My husband thinks I may be insane. Honestly, that could go either way, depending on the day and at least I'm happy. A happy insane person is manageable. :-)

And speaking of manageable--I'm not sure how to stop. I enter Target, I head for the shoes. K-Mart--shoes. Outlet malls, department stores, you guessed it...

In order to assuage a mild guilt complex I took back two pairs of shoes this week. Returned. Got the money back. Reported in to my husband. :-)

But he knows me well. And he understands.

I'm not turning back.

I'm only making room for the shoes I'll buy in Texas.


(PS I hear they let you where those cute plastic Croc shoes in mental institutions...)


Lori Ann said...

Shoes, oh my downfall!
My favorites are summer sandals and flip flops. (Stay in control, stay in control)
I was just thinking about a pair I saw at Target that I don't have.
I understand.
My name is Lori, I love shoes!

Sherilyn said...

You are definitely MY daughter!!! Sorry I passed the shoe addiction on to you. Should have warned you not to buy that first pair of shoes! It's impossible to stop once you start. :-)
Love you!

Sandi said...

Hey, I'm not sure I could even recount how I stumbled upon your blog, but I did, and you're in the States! Please send me a phone number at sandip@rainierview.org, I would love to talk to you!

Sandi Piek

Fashion said...

Very funny blog..Do you have a boy friend cheryl?????like Timberland shoes......lol....