Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Moment to Praise

The dirt on the floor rises in puffs under the shoes of every person who passes.

The wooden shutters slam randomly in the wind.

The Rutooro praise song sounds above the chickens calling to each other outside.

In the air are the scents of curry and onions being cooked nearby, dirt, and unwashed bodies.

The songs flow one after another. Rutooro, Runyankore, English, Swahili.

"Hakuna Mungu kama wewe."

Ugandan voices sound loudly next to me. Accompanied by the sweet voice of my six year old.

"Tunasema Asante. Tunasema Asante. Tunasema Asante. Wewe Mungu Wangu."

Someimes, even after these many years, a moment hits me.

I am in Africa.

And it feels like home.

The adjustment here is continual.

And often excruciating.

But, today I gave deep thanks.

Praising Him Who brought us here... keeps us here... works despite us, here.



Thank you.

You Are My God.


Kaelea said...

Beautiful and true description - for just a moment I was there with you. Thank you for noticing the little things and sharing them with us.

Just yesterday, I was explaining to Isaiah that Jacob, Brenda and Billy will get to experience what he did. How cool is it for a 6 year old to be able to picture firsthand where his friends, the McKenzies and the Martins, will be?! Thank you, God, for the opportunity to visit and experience what missionaries in different countries experience! It makes this world seem just a little bit smaller and heaven that much closer.

God's blessings, friend. Please send greetings to our family there.

Jen said...

Wow, you are so uplifting! What a wonderful description. I felt as if I was right there with you worshipping. Thank you for drawing me near. Much love,

Dawnette said...

That gave me God-bumps! Thank you for allowing God to use your blog to encourage us all.

God's blessings to you and your family.

In His joy,