Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today, we took down the bed.

The baby crib.

For the first time in 8 isn't being used.

I thought it might be emotional.

But, I had alot of helpers on hand...and I spent most of the memorable moment trying to keep Silas' fingers from being pinched.

So, its gone now. The bed I prayed over so often. Prayers for healing from fevers...prayers for comfort in teething...prayers for protection and safety...prayers for Faith and submissive hearts...FERVENT prayers for more sleep :-)...

And I don't feel sad.

I've LOVED our babies. Having them and cuddling them. Changing them and singing to them. Teaching them and watching them. LIving through, surviving and thriving through their "baby-ness" has been the fulfillment of one of my deepest dreams.

I am so thankful for the generosity with which God gave these into our home.

And for the years God has given us to continue knowing them more.


On to the next!!!


Lynn said...

Growth of your children is a mixed blessing. Brings sadness and gladness. We want them to grow but does it have to be so fast. It seems such a short time since we "took the crib down". Now the cribs of all my grandkids have been dismantled. Passages....Growth.

Aimee Jo said...

I know someone who you can save the crib for (wink, wink!) :) As you move onto the next stage, Andrew and I are awaiting the day we can go through the stage that you are leaving.
And hopefully you will be there through it all to help us out!

kristi w said...

What do you mean? You're not going for #5?!

Jim Coffey said...

In the words of my mother, "you're going throw a phase."

We just sent son #1 to New York by himself for a 4 day mission trip. Daughter #1 started college, and son #2 just called to say he had a wreck in the school parking lot - not his fault, nobody hurt.

Baby cribs are starting to look good again [gasp]

Here's a cute post on my wife's blog ... saying goodbye to her youth.

And I'll echo Kristi - you're not alive until you've had five !!!

Kim Hodges said...

Wow! It's hard to imagine that point in our lives as we're setting up our little pink nursery!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

Cheryl, My name is Kelly Vaughn and I am a missionary with the Church of Christ in Benin, West Africa. We have been here for nearly eight years. I recently found your blog and have been enjoying reading your thoughts. We also have 4 kids and just took down our crib last week! When I saw the pictures of your kids, I thought that our girls were around the same age. My daughter Tori will be 8 years old in November. Maybe our paths will cross some day. I would like that!
Kelly Vaughn

KMiV said...

But you all are so young....

We are taking down the crib today and putting in bunk beds. After reading your blog I think we will pause a little and think about it differently now.

mommywagner said...

Time flies to quickly!
My "baby" Cole, started kindergarten.
It seems like yesterday we were setting up his crib.
Yesterday we were helping Makinna walk.
Yesterday we taught Lydii to ride her bike.
Yesterday . . . . . . . . . . oh, the memories of yesterday.
Thank God for the dreams of tomorrow and the joys of today.

Bless you Cheryl and your precious family.