Sunday, November 19, 2006


The Quest is coming!

Faith Quest Uganda has become one of the high points of our year and one of our biggest projects.

This camp for 200 youth from towns all over Uganda requires many ''ducks" to be "in a row". And Uganda "ducks" can be cantakerous sometimes. :-) Sleeping quarters, tents, food, water supply, latrines and covered meeting areas are some of the details to be dealt with over the next weeks.

Our team is up for the challenge and excited about the outcome.

The theme is Rejoice in the Lord. And that is what we plan to do.

Already brilliant things are happening. Two of which are:

Jamie Swift and Ben Wall!

We are thrilled beyond words that these two warriors for God will be leading the Quest with us this year.

We can't wait to see all that God will bring about.

Please pray for these men as they prepare to serve the youth here.

Please pray for safety for all participants: good health, safe travel and NO SNAKES!

Pray for this Faith Quest to bring the youth into a closer relationship with Christ than they have ever experienced before.

Pray for ease of journey through the logistical mire...

Pray for energy, stamina and

His Presence...which we surely don't deserve...but so desperately need.

Here's to the Quest! May our Rejoicing glorify Him and increase the Faith of all!

(PS Many thanks Trisha and Ginger...for sharing your warriors with are champions to me...I wish you were coming too!)


KMiV said...

We will be praying for you all. I know you had a wrench in the works but you all have adapted well.

Glenn said...

"Ducks in a row." That created a visual image in my mind. When we were in China, we watched a man with a stick herd ducks. (If a person who herds sheep is called a shepherd, would a duck herder be called a duckherd?) Actually I would more likely call him frustrated. There were probably 100 ducks swimming in about six inches of river water with a rocky river bed. The ducks were swimming around happily quacking to each other, as ducks do. The duckherd on the other hand was splashing around on the uneven river bottom trying to run around them to keep them together and to direct them where he wanted them to go. That's the image I get of you guys chasing all of the details to get ready for Faith Quest. AS Lehman Hall used to say when school was about to open and we were a long way from ready, "No matter what happens, and no matter how much confusion there is, just don't let the campers know." [He was a church youth camp director for several years.]

I saw the pictures of Mark Long welding the dock for the camp - it looks great!