Friday, November 24, 2006


This Thanksgiving, my friend Destiny made TWO pumpkin pies from SCRATCH (real pumpkin..cooked and pureed!) WITH delicately designed pie crusts. (she cuts out leaf shapes from the crust...colors them green, yellow and orange and gently overlaps them around the crust...AWE INSPIRING...:-))'s the truly amazing part...she does all this "Martha Stewart-ing" without being "Martha Stewart-y". You know what I mean.

Now, why am I blogging about these lovely pies? Here's why...

Moving to this little far off land isn't easy. Carving out a home, a life and a ministry requires more stamina than I could have ever imagined. Creating trust and relationships...can be excruciating.

Dealing with the betrayal factor of life here has been one of the hardest things for both Jeff and me. We American types base most of our relationship standards on Trust. And developing that trust across cultural boundaries and cultural misunderstandings can be a harrowing emotional experience.

Destiny and Doug took a hit in this area recently. One of their close Ugandan friends betrayed them. We feel their pain. Pray them through it. And cringe that IT has happened again.

We see them rising to the challenge. Focusing on their King. Resolved to stay in the fight.

He that is in them is greater than he who is in the world.

They know that and it gives them hope.

Unfortunately, it doesn't erase the pain.

And that is why Destiny's holiday baking is amazing...

It is one thing to come.. Another to stay...And yet another ALL TOGETHER to stay and make pies with delicately overlapping leaf shape crust!

THAT, my friends, is called THRIVING. :-)

Blessings, Doug and Destiny.

To God be the Glory. He shines brightly in you!


Trisha said...

You are mighty women of God, you who go far away--and endure--and make pies. I know your sacrifices are not small, the least of them having to make pumpkin pie without the can. I'm proud of you for not overlooking the little joys (like holiday baking) while keeping your eye on the bigger picture of God's kingdom. We love you!

Glenn said...

One of the best ways to overcome being knocked down and the resulting crushed self image is to do something creative that you can feel good about as well as getting a few raves from others. God smiles when we rebuild, using the talents he has given us. Don't try to carve a Mt. Rushmore, but a leaf decorated pie that nobody else does is perfect. The hard part is cutting into that work of art, but then that is why you have guys in your life.

laura bull said...

I pray that in our years of ministry here in Bolivia we can thrive as you wrote. I know that there will be times of betrayal, disappointment, and heart break, but it is through that focus on the King that I pray we can endure... no thrive!