Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter Bonnets or Easter Mittens?

Our Equator Easter was beautiful. We enjoyed egg hunting, good food, fellowship with other missionaries and a visit from the Easter Bunny. Who left our home to borrow Santa's sleigh so he could visit all of our loved ones who had snow on Easter?!?!

Sunny or Freezing...I hope your Easter was happy!


kristi w said...

We had the Easter galoshes to complete the ensemble!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

What beautiful children! I am so happy to see all 4 of them! Look so forward to the day when we can get our kids together!

Blessings Sweet Friend!


Cash Girlz said...

Love the picture. Our Easter was pleant but we had our winter coats over our pretty sping clothes which is rare for it to be that cold here but it sounds like even down south it was cold. Glad the Bunny has a fur coat!
Love and miss you all!