Thursday, April 26, 2007


In Uganda when a woman has a baby she is said to "have produced".

This week two of my friends "produced".

Rhoda, a Ugandan, produced a baby boy. I held this sweet little one yesterday. He won't be given a name until a later time according to Ugandan custom. He was wrapped from head to toe in about three heavy warm blankets. Plus he had on a hat. Plus baby mittens.

Ugandans don't want their babies to get too cold here on the Equator!

Brandi, an American, produced a sweet baby girl. She has had a name for several months now and is more than likely wearing only a onesie, a diaper and wrapped in a light blanket.

Americans don't want their babies to get too warm here on the Equator!

The diversity in cultures can be seen very clearly in customs surrounding childbirth. These two arrivals represent the diversity we function in every day.

Two precious gifts. Two different worlds. Existing, complementing, contradicting and growing just down the street from each other.

What a wonderful world!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of diversity! We are praying for you today! Have a wonderful weekend with your dear family.


laura said...

What a wonder it is to watch the two cultures side by side. It is the same for us here in Bolivia, the Bolivians with their children at times sweating because they are bundled so tightly, and we the Americans getting lectured at every corner because we don't have our's bundled tightly enough :) In Spanish it is said that a woman is giving the light, or giving light, instead of giving birth. What a beautiful illustration huh? Thank you for reminding me of the beauty in walking side by side with God's children even when those walks look so different!