Monday, April 16, 2007

The Infirmary

IT got us.

You know.

Fever. Chills. Stomach...ahem...issues...

IT started with Silas and has worked its way up through our family chronologically.

We have been dealing with IT for about 7 days.

We're drinking Sprite. We are on our last few Saltine crackers from the States. And we are taking turns on the couches as we rest and recuperate.

We are very hopeful that IT will be gone from our home soon.

Thankfully (?) the youngest two are back to full strength. They are currently "discussing" some very important issue in the other room. Loudly.

The older two are still dragging and Mom and Dad are beat.

Remarkably, the internet is the best functioning thing in our home today.

Which is pretty sad.

Hope your home is healthy and happy!


kristi w said...

So, so sorry you all are not well. I'm caring for a baby who has had a fever for four days and seems to have a tummy ache today, and I'm totally worn out. I'd be a complete disaster if the rest of the family joined in, too! We'll say special prayers for all of you.

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

I am so sorry! Glad it appears that you all are on the mend. We have had times like that before and it is so hard. I pray that you are able to get the rest you need. It encourages me that you have not lost your sense of humor!
Praying for you all.


KMiV said...

I wonder if Jesus told the parable of the stomach virus instead of "leaven" if it would have the same effect. That stuff really spreads and infects the whole "body."

Hope you all get to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you have all been through such a miserable indeavor. Ugghhh. You have been in our prayers and as always, you are encouraging us even when you are down and out. May He lift you up on wings that an eagle and renew your strength!!!

Love ya,