Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Dad

I perused past posts and was shocked to find how little I have written here about my Dad. As I attempt this post, I realize why. It’s kind of overwhelming to confine to words the man who has impacted your life the most.

He has adored me always. Just like he adores my sister. Where Dad is concerned we are tops. If you haven’t heard him say this, it’s because you have never been around him.
We have always known that we were a gift to him. His treasures. And that has really made all the difference.

Dad has introduced me to all the finer things in life:

The Grand Ole Opry. Singing Quartets. Chocolate ice cream. West Texas Colloquial-isms. Saltine Crackers and Milk. Football. Golf.

Dad loves people. He doesn’t meet many strangers. Especially in West Texas.
And when folks need wisdom, compassion and guidance….Dad is consistently The Go-To Man.

My Dad can sing. He taught me how. And he LOVES it. He is the official song leader at almost any gathering. I always thought that the items found in every man’s trouser pockets would be a wallet, loose coins, and a pitch pipe. Because my daddy always had one.

My Dad plays the guitar. He taught himself. He is famous among certain circles for a song called “Preacher and the Bear.” To this day, nothing soothes or calms me more than the sound of a guitar being played.

My Dad loves God. And is passionate about Knowing Christ.

He introduced me to a life of honoring Him. Not just through his sermons or lessons. In the life he lived at home. Real. Authentic. God honoring.
I heard once that our ability to understand God, is tremendously effected by our relationship with our earthly Dad.

God has always seemed within my reach. Approachable. Compassionate. Loving.
I find it realistic to accept that God adores me and has good plans for me.

Life can be hard sometimes. Poor choices can be made. Some dreams shatter.

But the voice in my head, that overrides other noise…is the voice of my Dad. Believing in me. Supporting me. Talking to me. Encouraging me. Praying for me.

My Dad so embodies qualities of Godly manhood, that embracing my Heavenly Father was simple and obvious. Of course God awaits me with open arms. He is a Daddy. And to me, that’s what Daddy’s do.
Happy Birthday Dad! I am so thankful for you and your continuing impact on my life. Be sure it is lasting and cherished.


Lynn said...

Today I have received cards from brothers and sisters in Christ, I have heard all six of my grandchildren sing happy birthday to me, both daughters have called and told me they love me and wished me happy birthday, all three of my brothers called and wished me happy birthday, I was treated to dinner and Coldstone Ice Cream by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, received three crazy funny cards from dear friends in Christ (you can imagine the card from John and Karen Haagensen) and I get home and check the blog and got this tribute that is so honoring. It just doesn't get any better than this. Cheryl, you have honored me and I'm speechless. I'm frustrated by the miles between us, but I'm thankful that because of Whose we are, those miles can't separate us. I do feel loved and cherished by all of you every minute of the day.Thank you and I sure do love you girl.

Trisha said...

Cheryl, I have always admired your dad, but have come to love him more since we moved to Odessa. It has been impressive to me to see how many people he has influenced here. My most recent mental picture of him is of him walking toward us at the hospital on Wednesday as we wrestled with news that Bailey needed surgery immediately and Connor's funeral would have to be delayed even longer. His face was a source of peace and joy, even though I'm sure he felt a bit helpless to do much for us. He is a great man. And he has some great daughters!

Lynn said...

p.s. And need I mention the smiles of joy on your mother's face on every one of my birthdays?:-) And we haven't even had the "cake spittin'" yet. That'll be Friday at the Barn Door and Granddaddy's. I'll blog the pictures.

Steve Maxwell said...

Thank you Cheryl. I spent the last weekend in Sherman, TX with my Father and Brother and our families. To watch my dad watch me be a dad is like the best biscuits and gravy you could eat (sort of like yours). I can say my relationship with God was and is definitely influenced by my dad and I appreciate it. Thank you for your post.

kristi w said...

Sweet tribute to your dad - a man I greatly admire and always enjoy when we can visit your parents.

jim coffey said...

Lynn is an amazing man.
I wish my daughters loved me the way you love your dad.