Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Return

Standing at the end of the airport entry hall is an emotional experience. Reunions are incredible to watch. My heart always jumps when I finally see my awaited loved one round the corner.
Jeff safely arrived last week. I feel such emotion at his return.

We have talked ninety-to nothing trying to catch up on everything. I pepper him with questions.
With my husband comes a definitive breeze of encouragement. He has seen your faces. Hugged your necks. Heard your current stories. And that presence with you, does lift us up.

I sleep better now that Jeff is back. He takes over most of the driving responsibility. I go back to just doing my job and let him do his. He is good at it.
The kids are overjoyed. Their behavior immediately shows improvement. We hug each other a lot. We are thankful to be back together.

I am significantly recovered from my bought with the “I want to be somewhere else right now” sickness.

My husband’s return helped.

And the five new pairs of shoes he brought back for me haven’t hurt either! (My man knows me well!)

We have hit the ground running…so to speak. We’ve had solid visitors over the last few days. We have a quick out of town trip this week followed by a birthday party for Isaac.
Plus we are trying to wrap up school for this year. It’s a busy time…we are so thankful we are facing it all together again!


Steve Maxwell said...

Sister Cash, Thank you so much for allowing him to come our way. I was so happy to see Jeff when he was in Tyler that I locked my keys in the car when I pulled up to help those guys pack the container. I eventually got 'em out, but needless to say I was excited to see him. I look forward to seeing you at the first of the year, Lord willing. God bless you guys and take care.

phyllis said...

It was wonderful for this mom to have Jeff drop into our nest for a few days. We spent some quality family time going to picnics, eating in our garden, visiting with the Cash clan. Fiona was quite taken with Jeff's beard. We missed you and the children terribly, but thank you for sharing Jeff with us. I know he is happy to be back home with you.
Love to all of you.

Sherilyn said...

As I was leaving my hotel room in Austin and saw Jeff walking towards me down the hall, I thought I was seeing things (again):-)! What a wonderful surprise that was! I knew he was in the States to pack the container, but I also knew his schedule was very tight. I had no idea he would have or, I should say, TAKE the time to travel to Austin for Tanner's wedding. That meant more to us than words can express. We missed you and the little ones like crazy, though! When Cason walked up and saw Jeff, his eyes got as big as saucers and the first thing he did was look around behind Jeff to see where the rest of you were. So cute! Uncle Jeff is one of his favorite people and he was sure he came all the way to Austin just to see him and look at all of his toys and play games with him. It was good to get to send you those hugs but looking forward to giving those hugs in person. Hopefully soon!