Friday, September 14, 2007

Advice from the Experts

Our team has grown this week! Anaiah Dawn Martin was born Sept 3 to Andrew and Aimee Jo…and we are so elated that she has arrived! (for pictures of this adorable one link to Aimee Jo’s blog and/or Andrew and Aimee Jo’s blog in my sidebar!)

Anaiah will join the ranks of some of God’s most precious servants in foreign service…the Missionary Kids…referred to in mission-ese as MK’s or TCK (third culture kids). The life of an MK is very unique with distinctive challenges and blessings . One of the most helpful and supportive groups an MK can be a part of…is fellow MK’s.
So Anaiah, we welcome you to your own little MK community.

In a very informative interview with the MK experts in our household, this advice was given for the newest MK on the Ft Portal team:

On Life in Africa:

“Africa is the funnest place on the planet!”
“Never try to stop learning the silly language. “
“Be funny!”
“Try to make friends”
“I will give her my trains.”

On the Rutooro Language:

“If you don’t know what people are saying just smile and say MmmmHmmm…”
“Oliyota means hello.”
“Nangwa means No”
“Eggo means Yes.”
“Enjoka means snake.”
“Then she’ll give me BACK my trains!”

What you need to live here:

“A bed.”
“A mosquito net.”
“CD Player.”
“Pillows and sheets.”
“..and a good house.”
“You could live with us.”
“Then she’ll give me BACK my trains!”

On safety in Africa:

“If you see a snake, run inside!”
“Don’t ever touch lizards, rats, fuzzy caterpillars, spiders…”
“…or the MOST breakable things!”
“…or crocodiles…or hippos!”
“Definitely can’t play with sharks!”
“If you touch the fuzzy caterpillars, you will get little things in your hand that hurt—if there is an African nearby with fuzzy hair, rub the skin on their head and it will take the stingers out!”
“Don’t drink the bathwater!”
“Or the ocean…”
“The ocean has salt!”

On the food in Uganda:

“Try the matoke!”
“I’d give her fish and rice ‘cuz she loves fish and rice.”
“Everywhere you go there are sodas so if you are thirsty ask for a soda!”

On the Game Park:

“You always have to keep your eyes open---you may see a lion or an elephant or two.”
“There is a nice lodge. “
“Its fun going on the boat launch!”
“The boat launch is cool cuz it has a boat and a launch. Get it? Boat launch.”

On trips to Kampala:

“You go to Kampala to get food, cheese, cakes ice cream…”
“Go to the mall---where there are lots of nice things.”
“It’s fun going swimming!”
“Go to Khana Kazana. It is Indian food. Eat chicken curry and butter nans."
“The spicy sauce burns my mouth.”
“The baby toys are at the stores. I’m gonna give them to her.”

On Parents:

“There are many dangerous things in Africa, so stay close to your parents.”
“You should love them.”
“Try to do good things.”

On God:

“He never tells lies.”
“Trust in Him and miracles can happen!”
“He’s always working here.”
“Love God.”

What they want to say to Anaiah:

“I will be good to Anaiah. Be nice to her.”
“I hope you will be a good friend to us and love Africa!”
“I hope you are very cute!”
“I hope you have a good rest!”
“I’ll give her every present that I love!”
“We can’t wait to play with you and have sleepovers and baby sit you!”

Never fear, dear Anaiah. Your support team is ready with good advice, a wealth of personal experience and a train or two for you! (If you are willing to give them back, apparently.:-)
We love you already and believe very much, that God has chosen YOU, just as He has your parents for this life of overseas service. May He fill you even now with courage, strength and a fortune of Faith. He created you beautifully and we are so thankful for you!

Come see us, sweet girl! And don't forget your parents!


Johnathan M. Thomas said...

some of the best thoughts i've heard in a long time. well worth knowing... even for the ragtag team of Faith Questers from the US arriving soon.


kristi w said...

Wait - do you have Connor over there?? Maybe it's a good thing there's an ocean or two separating those two train fanatics (I just got reprimanded for letting Fiona off of the couch - "She'll ruin our train race!!").

Great thoughts from the kiddos. I'm sure Anaiah will be well cared for by those guys!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

Strange how the words from your kids rang such and bell and made me more than a little "home"sick. I loved seeing Africa from their eyes! It makes me wonder what my kids will say about living here in years to come. Blessings on all the mk's on your team (and I'm not forgetting the parents either.)

kristi said...

Great advice. It is good to know that these three will be well cared for. Great job giving a short education on MK's or TCK's

Andrew Martin said...

I am so happy to have finally checked blogs again today. Aimee, Anaiah and I have been pretty busy figuring out how to live together lately and that means less time surfing the web for a while. But, I have been blessed this morning reading the words of your family. It reminds me how good God is and that He is already taking care of
Anaiah in ways that Aimee and I cannot even see.

God bless you guys! You made my day :)

Aimee Jo said...

This is the BEST!!
Thanks to the kids for all of the advice...I'll make sure that Anaiah reads it someday in the future. :)
I had the biggest grin while reading this.
Everytime you post about us coming, it makes me more & more excited and anxious. It will be here before we know it and I am so thrilled for you to meet our sweet baby girl!!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts-so sweet!
I love you, Cash family!!

Steve Maxwell said...

You children are the best. I can't wait to see how you've grown. Great words of wisdom.