Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Very Best Thing

From my journal:
September 12, 1997
“It’s Friday and I’m at the end of my 11th week of pregnancy. Other than the nausea, its hard to believe I’m pregnant. I think about you all day, every day. I’ve had malaria twice in 3 weeks so I’ve felt concerned for your wellbeing. I prayed by the hour that God would protect you and I feel peace that He is protecting you. I’ll be praying that prayer for you for a long time now---for God to protect you. I also pray for your heart as it develops. I pray God will create your heart to be one that seeks God and follows close to Him.”

December 1, 1997
“Since your dad and I were babies, God has been preparing us to serve Him. His plan was for your daddy and me to be married and serve Him together. He brought us here, to Uganda, to teach the Tooro people about Jesus. We have prayed very often for God to bless us with a family and now there is you! You are still forming inside my body, but God already has a plan and purpose for your life. He is developing you to enable you to serve Him. We pray that you will give your heart and life to Jesus. A close relationship with Him and with God is the very best thing I know and the very best thing I could wish for you.”

As long as I dreamed of being a Mommy, I dreamed of this day.

God has always Been, in your life. Your Dad and I confessed our faith some years ago. Your grandparents are God followers. Your great-grandparents were God followers. Stories of your Creator have been whispered over you and taught to you for your entire life. Prayers have surrounded your existence since before we even knew you were on the way.

But. You always have a choice. Our infinitely wondrous Lord, designed it that way.

And no matter how hard we wish deeply we long for it...

We cannot choose Faith for you. Your decision to follow after yours alone...

Last week, you publicly confessed your choice.

"I believe Jesus is the Son of God."

The incredible thing...the almost unspeakable

That your statement of not limited to what you understand now...

Your statement of Faith is...unlimited...because of Who He Always Is, Has Been and Will Be...

You will change, precious daughter. You will grow. You will stumble. You will learn. You will fall.

But, He will never change.

Who you confess Him to be today...He is.

And nothing can ever alter that.

May the enormity of that Truth, expand exponentially in your spirit every hour...every day...that you choose to believe...

He is the Son of God.

I love you, dearest Kinley.

We are all so proud of you!


Kim Hodges said...

Yea, Kinley! We're rejoicing with you!

Trisha said...

Kinley, we are so proud of you. You have chosen to love Jesus, and that's all that reallly matters.

We celebrated your baptism at Rosa's with your Aunt Cherise and Bryson and Cason. I'm so glad your mom posted pictures for us to share in it with you! We sure love you!

Lori Ann said...

Kinley, what a terrific decision you have made. God's blessing to you!

Randy & Kelly Vaughn said...

My heart is rejoicing with you! What a wonderful day and answer to prayers you have prayed since before you had ever looked into her eyes. Beautiful!

love you,

Ben said...

Ok, am I watching Oprah here? The tears will not stop! Thanks for sharing your journal. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It's so great to be part of the team of people praying for God to illuminate Fort Portal through the Cash family. What a great job God is doing through you!!! bw

Lori B. said...


Congratulations! We are so thrilled to be able to call you our sister in Christ! We can’t wait to see God’s plans for you as you serve in His kingdom! God is so good and is so faithful! He will always be there for you!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

I cried reading this blog entry - it touched such a cord with me - how I've prayed over each one of my kids - longing for the day they too will make the most important decision of their lives - to have an intimate and personal relationship with him. I am so happy for you guys!

You don't even remember me - but I remember you, as a baby and as a toddler - cute as a button.

My prayer is with you today, dear sister! I pray that He will lead you closer and closer in your love relationship with Him, that you will be able to depend on His strength and His grace to carry you through the trying times and the times with joy; that your faith would be real and lived out in your daily walk; that you would shine for him and that your beautiful life would bring Him glory and bring others to know him.

A song we used to sing at Komarock after baptims comes to mind "I love you with the love of the Lord."

Patty said...

I've loved the reminders this year that those who surround us in the faith are a cloud of witnesses to ur growth and rebirth. It's so great to see Kinley surrounded by so many witnesses to a great step in her walk with the Lord.

kristi w said...

We're thrilled for all of you! Much love-

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl ... God is so good! We are so blessed to share Kinley's baptism with you. We are so close ... no matter the miles! Praise God!

Heidi said...

YAY! I was there! Praise the Lord for that day!
Kinley, I have a piece of advice for you: Don't expect to know everything all at once. Faith has to grow, so does knowledge. This is a journey, and you're going to begin learning many things, but don't expect to know everything there is to know right now. It will come, and you'll always be learning. Seek to learn, my dear. Seek to know, and to be known by God. He loves you, and is thrilled by the decision you've made. He's dancing in joy over you, dear Kinley. Remember that. He's dancing in joy over you, he loves you so much.
And I do too!

laura said...

Cheryl, I remember reading the precious words that my own mom wrote to me after my decision to put the Lord on in baptism. Your words will be invaluable to Kinley for years to come, and will guide her and show her how to shower that precious love over her own children one day. God bless you both and know that we are rejoicing!

Mike Cash said...

Hey Kinley!
We're so proud of you! Yea! I was thrilled to hear about your decision. I wish I could give you a hug.

Cheryl - thanks for sharing. Your thoughts inspire me. It's great to see the pictures of you guys.

We love you all.
Mike, Koni & the boys

Steve Maxwell said...

Kinley! Girlfriend, you make me want to shout. Praise Jehovah, praise His name He is Lord of All - All nations proclaim. (If I may quote from my friend Avery Stafford). The Maxwell's are so proud of you and it is so good to have another sister. To me, you have always reflected the love of Jesus. God bless you Kinley.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, What a wonderful blessing and testimony to God's working in your life. I also look forward to the day when my children choose to follow Jesus.

Kinley, Blessings to you as you begin a lifetime walk with Jesus. He will be everything you need Him to be...put your faith in Him and He won't let you down!

Much love!!

Glenn said...

Kinley, I'm really slow in responding - I've been down for 4 weeks with a sprained back.

The greatest moment in a grandparent's life is to receive a phone call saying, "I was just baptized, granddad!!" It validates everything we as grandparents have ever done - it is a positive response to hundreds of prayers for you - it means that we will spend eternity together with you, our family and God. That is the very best middle of the night call we can get.

God bless you as you grow in Christ, and as you demonstrate your love for Him to your brothers. In future years we hope to get similar calls from them.

We love you,
Grammy and Granddad

Procters said...

There are no words to describe how proud I am of you. You are such a blessing to me and others. Not only are you my precious niece, you are my sister! I love you, dearly. Aunt Reese