Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Looking Back...

It's a 10-20-30 Christmas Meme! Enjoy...

10 years ago, Jeff & I were celebrating our second Christmas in Uganda. It was our first Christmas in our own Africa home and we were scrounging for Christmas d├ęcor. (Our first Christmas in Africa was spent in Nairobi with the Stephens. And all I have to say about that is "Diane's Cookie Trays". YUM!!!) For our first attempt at Christmas in our own place, we actually found a place to buy a live Christmas tree in Kampala. We paid for it, cut it and wrapped it in a tarp. It was then tied down in our truck for a grueling 6 hour drive over a very rough road. When we got it home, it wasn’t very pretty.

But we put it up anyway.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.:-)

I think I hung some tinsel. And we had a woven sign that said “Mary Christmas.” Every shop in town played a Kenny Rogers/ Dolly Parton Christmas album. I remember missing home so much it hurt.

20 years ago, I was sixteen and in my junior year of high school. I was celebrating Christmas in Odessa with my family and my “other” family. You see, I was very in love with a cute boy who was always away at college. Except for Christmas. When he was home. Good times. He and his family were significant in my life, and a part of all my high school holiday memories.

30 years ago, I was six and enjoying Christmas on Byron Street. My memories are sketchy but I do recall a camera that required a monstrous lighting contraption. It was T- shaped metal piece with two large blinding lights on it. One person would hold the lights behind the one filming with the camera. Snazzy. We mocked the apparatus for many years after.
This Christmas most probably involved receiving a baby doll from Santa Clause, bossing around my little sister and eating very wonderful food at Mamma’s house.
Every childhood Christmas memory involved these three important factors. I can’t believe my sister still loves me.
I’m sure we also enjoyed Christmas music on the 8 track tape player (did Freddie Fenter have a Christmas album?) and of course, the musical stylings of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas filled with memories you will love to remember!


Lynn said...

I remember those teen and childhood memories like they were yesterday. My favorite "dollhood" Christmas memory was when you got a Baby Alive doll and after she ate and it was time to change the diaper you said, "Oh my Baby Alive, look what you've done!" :-)I think you were 4 or 5. Sorry we could not reach you by phone on Christmas day. I tried and tried. Oh well, AWA :-( Love you and miss you a bunch!

Procters said...

Yes, I still love you!! Even though you STILL like to boss me around :-) I love that you are the only other person in the world who has the EXACT same memories as me! Love you, Reese

Destiny said...

Who is Freddie Fenter?? :)

Cheryl said...

Oh, my young friend. Freddie Fenter was obviously a classic. Because we only listen to the classics in my family.
Actually, all I remember about him is a huge afro. We may still have his 8 track if you want to borrow it. :-)

(Before you ask, an 8 track was the tape system that preceded the cassette tape which preceded the CD...)

Carol said...

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Carol said...

Oops - Here's the link -
Please join us!

Diane said...

I'm honored to be a part of your 10-20-30 Christmas memories. We have some wonderful memories of times spent with you, both in our house and at yours. Does Alex know he spent his first Christmas ever at our house?:) If Larry and I ever make it back to Africa, I'm going to have to bring you some cookies! Happy New Year from the Stephens! Diane

Destiny said...

Yes I do know what an 8 track is, my dad had one... :)

Lynn said...

Ah yes, and it was Freddie Fender, not Fenter. His smash hit on the country charts was "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights." He was a Texas Hispanic Country singer with a huge afro. He also had a hit "Before the Last Teardrop Falls" love Dad (the redneck Texas who owned that 8 track.