Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Sometimes everything falls into place. And nothing gets broken.

Today, Kinley , Isaac, and I arrived home from church first. We opened the door to the powerfully soothing aroma of Sunday dinner.

You know.

Roast. Potatoes, Carrots. Green Beans and Hot rolls.

There was even apple pie for desert.

Somebody say Hallelujah!

Kinley, Isaac and I all began to work in the kitchen. Five year old Isaac, bravely donned a Santa apron and dove into the dishes. His diligent work cleansed every soiled pot and pan before dinner ever began.

Somebody say Hallelujah again!

Kinley set the table, shaped hot rolls, directed Isaac, and shared her thoughts on Dad’s sermon. All the while Isaac reminded us that he is, in fact, “big now” and “so helpful, Huh Mom?!?!”

When Jeff, Alex and Silas arrived after chauffeuring friends home from church…Isaac had completed the dishes and was happy to announce to his siblings that “Mom REALLY DOES love me the best! She said so!”

(Hey—he did the dishes, folks. Favoritism has no bounds when one tackles the piles of dishes for me!)

He also informed his brothers, that, in fact “Washing dishes is the BEST THING you can do for the woman in your life!” (start ‘em young!)

We all sat down to a lovely meal. No one spilled their iced tea. No one punched their brother in the face. And we managed to speak one person at a time for an all time record of five minutes.

Sweet success.

I took a picture of the moment.

The precious faces. The soothing fragrance of comfort food. Memories of countless Sunday dinners before.

I am thankful for this.

There were two empty spots at the end of our table…
And a high chair…
We are ready.
Reinforcements. Partners.

Stay tuned….


Kaelea said...

Hey, I remember those placemats! Thanks for sharing them with us almost two years ago - how time flies!

Procters said...

Smells like Mamma's house...
I love you, Reese.

Joy said...

I am so happy for e-mail pictures so I can see my children sharing that lovely meal with your family. With a HEAVY HEART I am saying goodbye the end of the week. I am so proud of Andrew and Aimee Jo and I am so pleased that they will have your family to to watch over them.
Love, Joy,Mom,Grandma of Anaiah

Aimee Jo said...

We are excited to join you at your table soon!!
And tell Isaac that once we get a house, he can come wash my dishes anytime!! :)

KMiV said...

Mmmmmm, my mouth is watering. You are the coolest writer.

Thanks for doing the dishes Isaac, you will be a great example of a true man as you, your brothers, and your dad grow and pass that compassion and act of service on to others.

Trisha said...

What a moment to celebrate! I do love these precious pictures into your family's life. We had the sweet blessing of sharing Sunday dinner with Cherise and her family at Manuel's on Sunday. All our kids had to sit on one side of the table so they could look into the mirrored wall and make funny faces. We made lots of happy noise, but it was okay because we had the "lounge" all to ourselves. Moments to treasure, for sure!

Steve Maxwell said...

Oh Cheryl - you said the "R" word. Roast, Lord bless and Keep you. Please know that I am more than willing to with the dishes in a few weeks for anything that might grace their face while I am visiting. I am even willing to do some cooking if you need. God bless you and I look forward to seeing you all soon.