Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Big Metal Box--Conclusion

It arrived.

After much angst, much waiting and many, many months,that big metal box finally rolled into our compound. I could hardly believe it.

A frantic afternoon, evening, night and early morning ensued. Just as we opened the doors, God opened His clouds. The rain poured and poured. But we couldn't stop. The truck driver wanted to go home and the box had to be emptied in order for him to do that. So we worked. And carried. And hauled.

And got very, very wet. The Martin's goods were to be kept in our car port which very quickly became The Muddy River of Destruction. Jeff rallied the troops and laid metal trusses on the ground to stack the Martin's treasures on. Our goods were hauled to our veranda and inside our living room. Kristin (visiting from Tyler) cooked food, pointed people to the bottled water and managed to keep a path cleared through our overflowing home. She also, very capably, held our dirty dishes at bay. No small feat my friends. No small feat.

I walked miles in and around our home as did every member of the Unloading Posse. Every box...every item...was rejoiced over and admired. Comfy furniture, camping gear, home organization items, a real American mattress...all bring pure joy! Even the drum set that somehow made it's home in the corner of my living room, was welcomed with much rejoicing! (Don't be surprised Jana dear, when Em receives Bagpipes for Christmas from Auntie Cheryl this year!:-)) Each box was like Christmas. My kitchen and pantry were filled to overflowing. MacnCheese, Dr Pepper, canned spaghetti sauce and pie fillings...

It was 2AM when the last crate came off the truck. A very tired team of men succeeded in emptying our big metal box. We would have high-fived if anyone had one ounce of energy left. :-)

There are no words to adequately thank all who worked to make this shipment a reality. Charles and Joan Colwell, who served us over and above. Jana, Kristin and Lori for shopping and buying so very well! For all our Glenwood family who gave so generously to purchase the church tent and chairs. Also our loved ones in Tyler who snuck on goodies and helped pack. For Andrew, Jeff and Ryan and their exhaustive efforts on both sides of the ocean. And finally for the team of guys (Brian, Bob, Peter, Jeff, Andrew, Derrick and co.) who unloaded and unloaded and unloaded that wet, rainy Saturday.

We love and thank you all.

May God use these tools to rejuvenate us, further His kingdom growth and bring honor to His Name.



Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

Yeah! How exciting!! I'm rejoicing with you... I have vague excited memories of unloading a container at about the age of 10. I can't think of a more deserving family. God is good!

Brian said...

We were so happy to get to help you! God had plans, apparently, and His timing is perfect!
Brian and Kristin

Diane said...

There are times we do miss Africa, but when I read your story of The Process, I must say that that longing certainly decreased. Sorry...been there, done that!
I sure hope we get to see you while you're on your next furlough. Please send us your itinerary when you have it. Grace and peace, Diane

Brian Pannell said...

Reading this has my eyes filled with joyous tears!