Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh, So Very...


And here is a list to prove it...

31. Hot fudge cake.
32.Ty's visit
33. Silas singing "Lord I Lift Your Name on High"
34. The first cup of steaming coffee in the morning.
35. Help with the dishes.
36. Isaac's laugh
37. Cuddling with Anaiah
38. Prayer time with the team
39. Sleep
40. A definite plan
41. Hope
42. Cool weather and a hot cup of tea
43. Pale pink nail polish
44. Iced sugar cookies
45. Respite at the close of the day
46. Checking on our sleeping children
47. Listening to Isaac read
48. Reading Kinley's creative writing
49. Alex's love of cardboard boxes
50. Silas opening his birthday presents
51. Succesful potty training
52. Jotham's voice on the phone
53. Furlough plans
54. Paper plates
55. The day after a migraine headache
56. Jeff and the kids doing the dishes
57. New bed linens
58. Baxter
59. An organized pantry
60. Support and love from family


Ben said...

+ thank you God for conversations with friends without any delay!

Brian said...

SUCCESSFUL potty training!? I am SO jealous. Just one more to go...

Destiny said...

As I sat down and caught up on all your wonderful blogs, I wanted to text you and tell you they were wonderful...but then I realized you are not in the country to text :( But I am overjoyed and thankful for where you are- in the USA- drinking starbucks, eating blue bell icecream, driving on wonderfully paved roads, shopping till your hearts content (in a mall, not a maket) and visiting countless friends and dear family! I love you dearly and miss you- am looking forward to your return- when we can meet for coffee and prayer, and you can love on Audrey more. Blessings dear friend!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

"Thankful. And here is the list to prove it." -- oh, that makes me smile.

Simple things---but oh, the breeze of His love: cardboard boxes, birthday presents, pain-free days.

Seeing and thanking with you. I want to dance with Joy --in love with Him!

I send love,

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Today I am smiling over Hope and a definite plan -- hope is a definite plan, yes? ~warm smile~

A privilege to praise Him with you,