Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Blessing of Fellowship

We were so delighted to welcome Brian, Kristin and Grace Robinson for a visit during March. The Robinsons are members of our overseeing congregation and dear friends. They brought with them loads of goodies and tons of love from our Glenwood family. As usual, when we welcome Glenwood-ites here, it made us long for our Tyler home.

Brian and Kristin are fellow sojourners in our parenting journey. They have four offspring all around the ages of our own. I find an understanding ear in Kristin. She supports, encourages and believes in me. All Mommies need that.

On furlough, we always enjoy sharing a meal with the Robinsons in their home. Our conversation usually turns to missions and the Robinson’s desire to participate personally in foreign work. We’ve prayed for them and loved sharing “the call” with them.

How delighted we were to hear that God’s call was reeling them in. Not just whispering to them anymore! We pray for them as they take on a huge endeavor…moving four kids and a life across an ocean. Let me just say, this is not something for the faint of heart.

But, also, let me say, “Brian & Kristin, you can do this! Because YOU will never walk this path alone. He doesn’t call you down a path and then abandon you. He will never fail.”

Thank you for doing all those dishes, folding my laundry (we are soul mates now!) and unloading (Brian) so much stuff without a break. Chaos of the container overtook us at the end, but your bright spirits and willingness to jump in and help saved my sanity. Truly. I hope you found the blessings you needed for this time as well. We love you and are so proud of you for your choices and your courage.

We are also VERY thrilled that you will be on our side of the ocean! Come see us anytime. I promise I won’t always make you do the dishes! 

Many thanks to Madeline, Samuel, Aaron and all the Grandparents who made this trip possible. Thank you for sending your precious Mom, Dad and sister to us. We pray they carried blessing and encouragement back to you.

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Brian said...

My dear Cheryl. Your blog brought me to tears today. You've encouraged me during a very low, dry time as we wait, and wait. Trying to be patient. For our funding, support, prayers, and encouragement from supporters. Not only is the waiting game hard, but we must tarry on with our life here--a foot in both worlds. I guess that describes our Christian walk anyway! God is patient as He teaches me. Love,Kristin (PS. I'll fold your laundry anytime! :-)