Sunday, May 12, 2013


I am so thankful.

For my own Mom. And my grandmothers. And my sister. And my Cashlings. And all those amazing Moms who I have been blessed to walk alongside in this life. 

I also so deeply esteem those who experience motherhood from longing. Who still wait for this journey to begin. Who may have heard 'No' far too many times. Who may have recently lost. You are so beautiful and embraced too. May you find an extra special measure of tenderness and grace on this day.

I have celebrated Mother's Day by remembering. I have so enjoyed perusing some of my older posts about family, and my Cashlings and my Mom. I'm linking some of my favorites here from the archives, but invite you to click on "Family" and "They Call Me Mom" in my labels in the sidebar for more of my thoughts and experiences concerning this great adventure called Motherhood.

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Posts about Home: On the Market
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And a simple post that effects me deep, because it reminds me that the daily and seemingly mundane are where the stirring and equipping and the blessing are really taking place: The Usual

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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Sherilyn said...

Thank you again for the gift of a new post every day last week. I have enjoyed each one of them! It is still very difficult for me to read about your early pregnancy with Kinley. I knew you were very ill during that time but seeing your words in print cuts through my heart. So very thankful for Kinley's good health and for yours!!