Wednesday, May 08, 2013


 We were so blessed to enjoy a stop-over in Italy on our way to America last October. Below are some of my daily journaled thoughts as we relished each moment in Rome, Florence and Cinque Terra.


Today I had the best cappuccino I have ever had.

On the gorgeous Italian square. Fountain in the center.

The air smelled like pizza. And coffee. And that certain perfume every Italian woman seems to wear.

Walking the streets of Rome can be equally wearying and delightful. But every person who entered the square, changed. Eyes lit. Smiles broad.

Art is displayed all in the center. Musicians play.

The accordion. That’s amore!

Romance. Excellent pizza.

I kissed my husband.

And drank the best cappuccino I have ever had.


I was the first one awake this morning.

I love the still dark of morning. Light was just creeping in. 

The church bell toll counted seven. I lay still and celebrated the silence that followed.

Coffee awaited. And sweet cereal. A treat for our family.

But my mind whirled back over our arrival in Florence, Italy.

This town is one long deep contented sigh. 

Everything we eat explodes joy and delightful flavor.

Interesting pizza. 


Bread and delightful coffee.

I was congratulated for my four children. Helped by four angels of mercy along the way.

Exhausted from the lugging of the bags. Relieved at a wonderful place to rest our heads at night.

Extraordinarily thankful for my family. Amazing, resilient, flexible children.

Incredible navigator and guide, Jeff Cash.

We are here. Loving it.


To share Michaelangelo with my children. A dream.

To walk Italian streets and eat Italian pizza and ride Italian trains with my children. A dream.

We have laughed. 

And learned. 

And walked. 

And rested.

We have seen.

So thankful!  For everything.


 What made Florence feel like home?

Jeff’s comfort and memories of the place.

The quaint streets.

Gorgeous art and amazing history.

Walking where genius has etched it’s treasure.

Not sure every aspect that pours into that feeling of welcome and peace.

But I felt it in Florence.



The market air smells of leather. Jackets. Purses. Shoes.

And boots. 

In college, Jeff spent five months living in Florence and traveling around Europe through a study abroad program his university offered. Every street in Florence reminded him of a story about something. 

As we passed the stalls of leather items for sale, Jeff was telling the kids about shoe shopping with a group of girls in college. 

He described a shop that went down from the street through a tunnel. He said he spent several hours in the shop while his friends tried on fun shoes and bought treasures. 

He remembered dreaming about bringing his wife to Florence someday and buying her some shoes.

As Jeff was finishing the story, he mentioned that the shop was just off a market square much like the one we were in. He stood and turned slowly until he was facing---a shop with a tunnel that went down from the street! 

We all laughed wondering if this could be the same shop-- 

Jeff visited with the store clerk, describing the man who had waited on him and his friends all those years ago. The man laughed and confirmed that the man Jeff described was his father and this was the same shop. Amazing! 

I got some boots! And a leather jacket and matching purse.

Dreams do come true, I guess :)

Such fun!


We are sad to leave. Jeff and I enjoyed one last walk in the dark. Holding hands. Quiet conversation.

We love it here.

In Florence.

Jeff took out his camera to capture what he could.

His perspective and ability getting amazing photos we can treasure.

We were quiet on the bridge.

Quiet at the river.


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